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4 Reasons for your drain to get clogged and appropriate remedy

At times, you may experience a clogged drain that not only slows down your chores but also becomes annoying. This can even prove to be a potential health concern apart from being a severe plumbing issue. You may perhaps want to know the reasons for drains to get clogged and if such issues can be prevented. If you do experience clogged drains glendale ca, you should call a plumber. They can help fix it quickly.

4 things to know and tips to prevent clogged drains

  • Soap scum: Over time, soap scum and detergents might accumulate in the bathroom, shower and laundry drains. Thus, the pipe’s diameter might get reduced, thereby causing slow flow of waste water and backup. Use phosphate-free soaps with natural surfactants to prevent soap scum related drain clogs. Soap-free washes can also safeguard your skin. You can expect journeyman plumber El Cajon to provide appropriate solutions.
  • Hair: Animal fur and human hair might accumulate over time to slow down water flow or simply block the entire pipe. Your bathroom drains, bathtub, laundry and shower are likely to suffer from this issue. Hair might tangle as well as combine with various other substances like grease or soap, thereby attaching to the drain. It may not be possible to stop hair fall as it is a natural phenomenon. However, you can take adequate measures to protect the drain. Brush hair before taking the shower. Install hair catcher in the shower drain. This can help reduce hair amount going down the drain. Major issues can be fixed by journeyman plumber El Cajon.
  • Food oil, fat and grease: They may cause severe drainage problems as they tend to solidify within the pipes, thus causing blockage. Such issues can however be prevented. Use paper towel to wipe oil in small amounts and throw the used paper on the compost. To tackle oils and fats in large amounts, pour leftover cooking oils in melt-proof container such as a jar or can. Throw the sealed accumulated leftover onto the trash for safe disposal.
  • Toilet paper: Using toilet paper excessively may combine with sewage in the drain, resulting in an overflowing toilet. Hence, use it in moderation to avoid this issue. Besides ensuring having a clean drain, you can also be eco-friendly. Avoid flushing more than what is necessary. Use paper in small batches over several flushes if required.

You can get to know about more such common drainage issues from the experienced journeyman plumber El Cajon.