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5 Ideas for a Boy’s Nursery

When decorating a nursery for a new arrival, it is understandable that you want to do the best job you can and personalise it as much as possible.

One of the first things that people think of when decorating for a new baby is their gender. There are those parents who base their decorating decisions on whether their child is male or female. Nevertheless, some strategic choices make sense regardless of sex. 

That said, you might want to decorate a nursery with the child’s personality and preferences in mind. Even though the child will not have their style yet, your hopes and expectations for them can play a part in how you decorate. Here are some ideas for a boy’s nursery.

Have a Theme

With an underlying theme, you can cut a lot of options out and make choosing furniture and accessories much more straightforward. To make things even more specific, you can have a matching colour scheme to go along with it as well.

 A nature theme can have blues, greens and earth tones while a robot theme can be monochromatic. If you already have items you want to include in the nursery, it will be even more straightforward for you to come up with a theme. These items may also be ones from your childhood.

A nursery’s central theme can become an inspiration for your baby’s future interests, what fun you will have creating this special area.

Utility and Frivolity

While it is true that babies do not need too much space, you can allow your nursery to become the centre point of all the things you need for the child. 

Keep necessities such as nappies, a changing table and clothes in your nursery. If the room is big, you can incorporate a rest area for you, the parents or a play area for the baby. 

Here is also where you can keep travel items such as a baby capsule, strollers, car seats and more. But be sure not to have them in places where they become obstacles. 

Find a Focus

Choose a piece of furniture as the main focal point and work from there. This allows you to have something in the centre of the room as the centrepiece. 

This can be a crib, a changing table or even a big toy for your baby boy. Item placement can be much easier to determine if you have the largest item out of the way.


Even though your baby is still young, you can incorporate their creative works into your nursery decoration by getting them to make finger paintings or the like. 

Besides which, you can also decorate the place with gifts from family members or various keepsakes and heirlooms. Inject your personal touch by adding items that mean a lot to you and your partner. Having your child surrounded by such things will mean a lot to them and you as well.

Throw Stereotypes Out the Window

Boys’ rooms do not have to be blue and girls’ pink. At the dawn of a new decade in the 21st Century, do not be limited by societal pressures. Fill your boy’s nursery with toys that they love, whether they are cars or dolls, miniature sports equipment or cooking sets. 

Various colours work for both boys and girls. Blue should not be the default main colour for the nursery just because your child is a boy. This can be overly restrictive and limit what you can do with the nursery. Have fun with innovation while decorating the nursery and do not be afraid to redecorate as you like. 

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