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5 Problems That Require a Houston AC Repair Service

Houston is the third most populous city in the US, with an estimated population of 2,304580. The summer season in Houston lasts for three months, and it starts at the end of June and lasts till September. If you have an AC installed in your home, you need to ensure it is working efficiently.

However, when problems develop in your AC, you need to call 24 hour AC repair Houston to fix the issue. Here are five types of issues that require a Houston ac repair service.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks

Houston has a total land area of 599.59 square miles, and the population density per square mile is around 3501.5. Refrigerant refers to chemical compounds used in your AC. The refrigerant absorbs environmental heat and provides cool air once it runs through evaporators and compressors. In case of a refrigerant leak, the cooling capacity of the AC unit is significantly reduced.

Once the refrigerant starts leaking, it will not stop until the leakage is fixed. If you notice refrigerant leaking, you need to call 24 hour AC repair in Houston to fix the leakage and refill the refrigerant in your AC.

  1. Polluted Filters

Environmental experts mention that the transatlantic dust is blown into Texas, and the dusty summers can clog your AC filters and make them effective. There is nothing urgent as cleaning the clogged filters. Since you do not control nature or Sahara dust entering Texas, the only thing in your hand is calling AC repair service to clean the dirty filters and keep the AC in good condition.

  1. Broken Motor

AC units have motors fitted inside the unit to move the air and the refrigerant. Due to lack of proper maintenance, overheating, or old age, motors can break down and bring the entire HVAC system to a halt. In that case, you need to call the AC repair service to replace the broken motor.

  1. Circuit Fuse

As per recent data, around 42.3% of households in Houston are owner-occupied. AC units have a circuit fuse that is connected to AC. The circuit fuse is intended to protect the AC unit from voltage fluctuations and power surges and protect your AC unit from serious problems.

If the circuit fuse has burned out, you need to call the AC repair service to replace the burnt-out fuse. Depending on the model, the circuit fuse is fitted in some casing inside the unit. AC repair technicians know where the circuit fuse is located in different AC brands. They will replace the circuit fuse in a few minutes and get your AC back working again.

  1. Electricity Bills Have Skyrocketed

If you have noticed the electricity bills have skyrocketed this summer, you need to get your AC checked by professionals. The AC repair service will send technicians to your home to determine the problem in your AC that is causing high energy bills. They will check the AC unit for any operative failure, check the cooling efficiency of your cooling system, find the reason for excessive power consumption, and fix the problem.

So, these are five problems that require a Houston AC repair service.