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8 Simple Ways to give your Apartment a Facelift

It may be that after a couple of months of religiously searching for a new place, after countless misses you finally find the perfect apartment but the décor seems a little dated and needs freshening up.

It may also be that you have lived in your current apartment for a while, and you are beginning to get tired of your home’s look and feel.

You are here because you are considering investing in a facelift for your apartment.

Here are a few cost-effective ideas.

Have a plan

When you decide to redesign your space, it is always advisable to devise a strategy and have a vision of what you are trying to achieve before doing any heavy lifting.

You may want to measure and ensure that items can fit in where you want them to. You do not need fancy blueprints or the likes, start by visualizing your apartment’s layout to get a better sense.


A significant reason why your apartment might look uninspiring is the flooring, and you may want to consider something more exciting like wooden floors.

We know how expensive actual wooden floors are, but nowadays some alternatives look and feel just like wood floors. You can choose whatever design suits your tastes best.

When you change your apartment’s flooring, it automatically has a dramatic impact on your space.

Get Rid of Junk

You knew this day was coming, the single most significant way you can improve your area without spending a cent would be to toss out unwanted or underutilized items.

Clearing out junk can work wonders on the overall look and feel of your apartment; it is incredible how much trash we accumulate over time, clearing unnecessary items will give your room a new feeling.

Update your Kitchen

One room in your home that nearly always needs immediate attention is your kitchen. As the centre of your apartment and one of the most frequented places, it needs to look up to date, clean and fresh.

If you are short on cash, but you want to make your kitchen look elegant, consider painting with a neutral colour like grey or white if your landlord will allow.

Natural Aesthetics

An excellent way for you to instantly improve your living room’s aura would be to introduce a few natural elements like an indoor plant.

Aloe vera is an excellent indoor plant; you can also install natural jute rugs to balance out your living space. Natural fibre rugs add an earthy texture to your room, giving it a relaxed vibe.

Introduce New Lighting

Did you know that by reconfiguring the lights in your apartment you can instantly brighten every corner of your space?

Lighting can make a small space look a lot bigger whilst making an otherwise common room look much brighter.

You can put your desk lamp in a dark corner and bring a few decorations into the spotlight.


Do not forget art; think of the most beautiful places you have ever been, what do they have in common? They almost always feature artistic additions.

Art has a way of making an ordinary looking space feel elegant and expensive; you can paint an entire wall white and put a simple painting as its centrepiece.

Choose art pieces conducive to your taste. You cannot go wrong with art.

Introduce a Mirror

It is astonishing what effect an ordinary mirror can have on your space; mirrors can make your apartment look larger than it is.

Mirrors reflect light helping you illuminate your space with natural light, hanging a mirror on your wall can have the same effect as spending hundreds of dollars on design and aesthetics.