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A brief description on curtains

Curtains are an integral part of home decor. There are different colours, designs and textures for various themes and house layouts.

There are certain factors that need to be kept in mind like estimating the size of the rod and the length of the curtain.

There are different kinds of curtains and styles for contrasting decors. For instance, you can have long, majestic ones in bedrooms but for more practical spaces like the kitchen, it is best to stick to something short. Besides the fashion element, there are also other features like the type of fabric. You can’t use flammable material in the kitchen but fabrics like polyester and other synthetic material can be used in the bedroom or washroom.

The curtain rods should also be placed at the right position, about a few inches above the window.

Curtain accessories are a thing! You can jazz it up by using rings, clips and other tiebacks that will accentuate the beauty of your living space.

The fabric used in curtains also has different degrees of light absorption and insulation quality. If you want the room to be cooler and gain more control over the temperature, then the gap between the window and curtain must be small. There is also hand painted fabrics that could well cater to a more traditional audience and the avant- garde for the unorthodox. The ones with deigns create a beautiful reflection but could sidetrack you from the decor. Some are merely just used for decoration while others are used for efficiency but there’s a curtain for everyone out there!

A sheer curtain is made out of translucent fabric that is loosely woven out of polyester or cotton. Since they are not completely opaque, they allow a lot of light to be transmitted through the window, proving minimal amount of heat protection.

Uncoated fabrics are higher on the hierarchy of curtain fabrics with more usability like light absorption and heat insulation. They are almost opaque and can easily block out much of the sunlight, although some light can still pass through. These are also endowed with heat insulation due to the texture as its tightly woven fabric.

Coated fabric is the same uncoated fabric with rubber backing. This is possibly the best in the market for light and heat protection.

Do your homework before venturing out to buy fabric or curtains. One might suggest that they directly contact dedicated showrooms in this regard. Most high-end outlets like the Store Urbain make it easy to decide for you.