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Carpenter-made Vs modular kitchen – which is better?

New-age interior designers are sure to recommend you update to a modular kitchen, stating to offer you a hassle-free cooking experience.  We live in a place where the term hassle-free takes the spotlight. We want to live a life free of troubles and that’s why we pay high price to enjoy any kind of luxury. Further in, any proposal to stick with traditional or carpenter-made kitchen can be dismissed, perceiving that it may cause lot of trouble.  Are you making a mistake by giving utter importance to the word trouble-free? This guide can surely help!

What is modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen consists of modern counterpart over carpenter-made kitchen, allowing one to the core work with ease.

Perfect finish: One of the main reasons that modular kitchens have become remarkably success today is due to their finish and beauty. These two play the lead role in offering you a stunning piece. The edge-banding is crafted so brilliantly here that you don’t find such cases with man-made kitchens.

Huge galore to choose from: yet another reason home owners opt for modular kitchen is that they get to choose designs, styles of their preference.  The ample supply in the home interior market can always match with the exceeding demands. You can get to pick from a thousand of choices, depending on your budget and requirements.

Saves your time: The design firms would show you a 3D computerised drawing, so that you what your kitchen looks like. You would be familiar from the scratch on the final product. And, also it comes with fixed price, until and unless you make lot of modifications. There is no surprise element and you can’t go wrong with your budget estimation.  Since these are machine made, it doesn’t take longer period to install or fix the modules. All the procedures could only save your time.

Carpenter-made kitchen

You should check the whole process: Though the carpenters these days will have their own catalogues, there is no guarantee that the ultimate product will be of same quality or appeal. You may need to keep a check on them regularly to see layout designs.

Less maintenance: The main reason people opt for a reputed or highly experienced carpenter is that he uses great quality materials, offering you a masterpiece that requires no regular maintenance.

You need to interfere in almost every process: You need to decide on the design, material, wood type, and quality of appliances as well. Each item should be hand-picked, so that there should not be any room for mistakes. The upgrades or changes can appear in any stages and you need to ensure that these changes don’t hamper the budget quotient. It would take considerable amount of time to get a man-made kitchen.

In this world of home interior, you can expect any masterpiece from the designer, no matter you choose modular or traditional kitchen units.  Both the topics should be mutually understood to be aware of the difference between a modular kitchen and a carpenter-made kitchen. Making a decision between the two is not easy and if you are looking for flexible, easier-to-clean options, opt for factory-made kitchens. If you are planning to remodel your kitche, feel free to check out this kitchen renovation cost guide.