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Living in one of the Canary Islands is simply akin to living in paradise. Whether you choose to live in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, or Gran Canaria, you spend every day in beautiful surroundings. The islands are full of lush vegetation, lovely sandy beaches, and magnificent landscapes.

The volcanic origin of the islands adds to the visual aesthetic, with a strong contrast of color blending against the ocean to create a stunning view. One must think that getting a house to live in this area would cost a fair bit, but there are a couple of places that offer very affordable housing. These are the five cheapest places that you can buy property quickly in the Canary Islands:

  1. San Nicolás de Tolentino

 This area is officially referred to as La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino, and it is well known for its agricultural industry, with several plantations in the area producing all kinds of foodstuff. A lot of tourists that visit San Nicolás de Tolentino head over to Cactualdea, which is a cacti park that has thousands of imported cacti sat in between palms, aloe, and dragon trees. There are several other places of attraction like the Guanche Cave, and many places where you can try the lovely Canarian dishes. Something else you can do here that’s unique is to visit the large amphitheater and watch some Canarian wrestling.

  1. La Guancha

 La Guancha is a small city in Northern Tenerife that spreads over almost 10miles of clean Canarian space. From the slopes of Mount Teide down to the sea, the farming town is one that is very rich in culture and tradition. Most of the businesses in La Guancha are in the services industry, with small shops providing for the needs of the many tourists that make their way here every year. When you visit La Guancha, expect to witness lovely forest tracks, a fascinating view of Mount Teide, and a lot of nature. So if you’re a nature lover or a photographer looking for a stunning landscape, then this is your go-to place.

  1. San Juan de la Rambla

San Juan is a small area of just about 7 miles, but it is full of charm and culture. It is located right by the coast, and you can thoroughly enjoy it by basking in the laid-back atmosphere of the city and exploring the magnificent buildings. Something you must-do if you visit San Juan is to go on a tour of Los Quevedos, an area where several traditional buildings are preserved for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Santa María de Guía

 Santa María de Guía is a municipality that has several different options for leisure and complete enjoyment. And if you fancy seeing some beautiful architecture or nature, this city has got you covered. Walking through the streets of Santa María de Guía, you will see blocks of beautiful buildings full of color and cheer. The energy of the city is fantastic and only adds to the natural beauty of the island city.

  1. Buenavista del Norte

 A lighthouse looking over a massive body of crystal clear water perfectly encapsulates the soft and subtle beauty of Buenavista del Norte. The area is located in the north-west part of the Island of Tenerife, and it houses many beautiful buildings. The landscape itself is lovely, and a pretty affordable place to buy properties quickly for cash.