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Common dissatisfactions to property developers

Property development is literally a two-sided blade. While many will enjoy a new home, those living nearby the suburb might not be so. New development usually meant a rise in value. But why the residents will oppose property developments nearby? In this article, this is exactly what we are trying to find out.

Disturbance to the neighbourhood

The disruption of new development in a nearby area often pose more danger and inconvenience to the current residents.

Heavy vehicles

During the process of development, it is unavoidable to have construction vehicles frequently driving in the neighbourhood. And this is a major hazard for children and elderlies in the area.

Heavy vehicles are much harder to stop than a sedan. But children sometimes might run onto the road without noticing a vehicle coming towards themselves. Heavy trucks plus a fragile kid equals disaster.

Heavy vehicles often require more space on the road and special assistances. For a development that did not upgrade the road system would lead to slower traffic and potentially traffic jam.

Air pollution

Heavy vehicles are likely to pollute the air in the area as well. While vehicle emissions regulations are more restricted day after day, not all vehicles keep up with the latest standards.

In the meantime, the dust and sand from the wake of the vehicle will also increase the particle level in the area, jeopardising the respiratory health of the residents.

Dust and sand are not only from vehicles but the construction itself. The groundwork often requires digging up of the ground and other related work that increase the particle level in the area and often lead to worsen health.

Capacity of the amenities

New development will bring new residents in the area. If associated amenities upgrade is not upscaled for so, residents are likely to suffer from a lack of social resources.

These resources include education, medical and entertainment. With a saturated system, residents would have to travel to other suburbs in order to fulfil needs in the relative sector. The extra travel required is likely to induce a negative perception.

House valuation

New development projects can be both positive and negative to the valuation of house in the area. And it truly depends on the project blueprint by the main developer.

Responsible developers like carefully plan its projects to minimize the negative impact and maximise the benefit to the existing communities.

Methods include a strict design and landscaping regulation that ensure the uphold of appearance in the neighbourhood. Such can enhance the perception to the suburb and lift the valuation of the areas holistically.

Developers should also work with the local council in building an upgraded master plan for the local communities in order to reach the mutual beneficial relationship.

Projects that is archiving such ideal

With the ideology of sustainable development continuously being encouraged, more new property development around Melbourne are found following such philosophy, including Aurum Casey Field, Alvina Oakleigh and the Ardor Apartments.