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DIY Approach or Professional Carpet Cleaners – Which Is Better

Carpet has a few benefits over the hard surface flooring. It is soft, so comforting to legs and feet while walking around. It can cushion accidental falls or trips over. It offers an aesthetic look. It has sound insulating qualities. Unfortunately, carpet entraps and holds dust, dirt, pet dander, dust-mites, mod-spores, and other contaminates.

If regular carpet cleaning is ignored these particles remain embedded and get dispersed in the air whenever agitated. When people under the roof with respiratory issues inhale this contaminated air, they start to feel uncomfortable and, in some cases, may need to get hospitalized.

Carpet cleaning is a tough task in any case residential or commercial. Besides the risks of contamination, carpets are also prone to spills and stains. This can hamper its aesthetic look! So, what to choose – professional carpet cleaning services or DIY approach?

Techniques and equipment

If you DIY, then there will be a need to invest in steam cleaning equipment, a vacuum device, and carpet stain removal products. Besides, you will need to have the skills and knowledge to eliminate stubborn spots from the carpet. Even the choice of wrong products can damage the carpet fibers.

On the other hand, professionals bring advanced equipment, updated skills, and safe carpet cleaning products. Two methods used are wet and dry carpet cleaning.

Misconception about the cost

Several carpet cleaning companies charge a lot for their services but if you shop around there are professionals who cater to customers’ needs and budgets. Deep-cleaning is to be performed annually or bi-annually it is wise to have it done thoroughly hiring professionals. The cost is worth!


DIY approach helps to eliminate the dirt and grime on the carpet surface, the fine particulates embedded deep becomes a breeding platform for mold and bacteria. You will never get the thorough deep cleaning results provided by professional carpet cleaners.


The concern of vacuum carpet regularly on weekend under the DIY approach is not a good idea. If you delay in doing it next week, the dirt and grime accumulation can increase hampering indoor air quality. So, why not allow the professional carpet cleaners to perform the task, while you sit and enjoy it! The convenience and peace of mind that professionals are doing the task are unbeatable!