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Finer Aspects of Table Decoration

A beautifully served table and decorative decor is a great way to realize your creative abilities. Each dish is a blank sheet that you can fill in with the right things. 

In recent years, the principle of the buffet has become increasingly popular. This, of course, is connected with the desire of the event organizer to facilitate his work as much as possible. You can Learn more about Tafeldeko and come up with the best solutions now.

Sweets on a stand

Indeed, in this case, self-service functions are assigned to the guests. Take on board this method. However, do not forget that the design is still your prerogative.

Christmas table decoration

Pay attention to detail. For example, it is appropriate to emphasize the theme of Christmas with a characteristic white and red performance of decorative elements corresponding to the holiday atmosphere: napkins, Christmas balls and even decorations stylized as knitted socks.

Pink table decoration

It is interesting to use the correct geometric shapes when creating images of sweet dishes: triangular cakes of various sizes, round cakes decorated with chocolate strawberries, square cookies strung on a glazed stick – all this will fill the atmosphere of the room with a real feeling of the coming holiday.

Marshmallow Cake

Do not dwell on only one color combination of red and white. Extend your interior palette with other paints. Add a little blue or green.

Multi-colored sweets

Create a special festive table style. Well-chosen decorative elements will complement the overall picture: look at how green mini Christmas trees made of ceramics harmoniously combine with cookies of the same color and uniform performance, laid out in a row on a simple rectangular tray.

Sweet dessert in a plate

Naturally, it is impossible to limit oneself only to sweet treats on this day.

Chocolate drink with ice cream

In the photo we see how the broccoli slices, arranged in a general form, decorated with beads of felt cherry, form a thematic pattern of green tree, the trunk of which is salted sticks from baked dough. The side dish is ready.

Broccoli with cherry

As hot, you can cook stewed beef with mustard, herbs and other spices.

Fried meat on a plate

The culmination of Christmas treats can be a combination of chocolate, marshmallows, ice cream and pieces of fresh berries. All this is gently mixed with a whisk and placed in ordinary molds in the freezer. In a few hours, the dessert is ready.

Garnish with raspberry syrup and pour over hot chocolate. Paradise pleasure for your guests is guaranteed. You can serve cocoa with whipped cream, on which raspberry berries are appetizing.

Stuffed tomatoes

Sometimes food speaks for itself. For example, a dish of bright color, consisting of tomatoes stuffed with parmesan and basil, is in itself a decorative decoration of the festive interior.

Cookie decoration

Remember that a variety of products, if properly combined, is the key to the success of any menu item. Also, the compact arrangement of small portions of the side dish on one volumetric tray allows you to significantly save space.

Do not forget about the color component of each dish. So, the simultaneous use in a salad of bright red strawberries and asparagus will create a memorable contrast to the festive table.