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Handling Common Winter Pests with Professional Pest Control

Pests that attack your home in winter can ruin your holidays. As the cold months come, you start finding ways to keep your house warm. However, you may not realize the presence of unwanted guests that can be damaging to you as the outdoor weather. Pests are a big problem during winter as a lot of them become active. They will move indoors to seek warmth and food.

Sadly, pets are not just a nuisance but can also be a health hazard. Pests like rodents and cockroaches carry diseases. They may spread these diseases directly or indirectly. This makes Avata Pest Control services an important consideration during winter.

Avata Pest Control
Avata Pest Control

Common Winter Pests

When pests invade your home, they can cause damage to it. They can invade your personal space and cause distress. Pests can take up residence in your house to find food and shelter while it gets colder outside. They include the following:

  • Mice. To survive the winter, mice set up shop in hidden areas in your house like burrows and vents. Once they sense that everyone in your house is resting for the night, these rodents will come out and attack your kitchen. When mice get access to your food, it can become dangerous to consume yourself. This food can already be contaminated with mice urine and droppings. 
  • Rats. These rodents can reproduce quickly and cause a structural issue in your house. They are bigger than mice and carry the same health risks as mice. 
  • Roaches. These nocturnal pests feed on organic matter such as your food. They are also disease carriers, possibly spreading gastroenteritis and allergies in your house. Cockroaches thrive in warm, humid climates, which means they are present all year round.
  • Bed bugs. These parasitic insects feed on human blood. They can be transported into your home through furniture, luggage, and your pets. Bed bugs are not easy to see because they tend to hide near your sleep area. So, if you notice signs of bed bugs like blood stains and bug bites, have a professional examine your home for these bugs. 
  • Ants. These social creatures make their houses in soil. Although they don’t cause home damage, they can be irritating once they access food items and invade your personal space. Cleaning your kitchen floor and counter space regularly can prevent ants from smelling your food and attacking your kitchen. 
  • Flies. Flies are known for feeding on people’s food and garbage. They also carry different diseases like E. Coli, Salmonella, and dysentery and may spread these through their feet or crushed bodies. 

Eliminating Winter Pests

To eliminate winter pests from your home, check around your home for their presence regularly. These pests usually stay close to walls, although they range in size. Also, they can be found in cracks or under piles of clothes or paper. They are active in winter as you keep your house warm, so check your house thoroughly.

Pests can also come from various places like the fireplace. Pest exterminators can eliminate a pest issue in your house safely and effectively. But to ensure you reduce your risk of an infestation, seal up possible entry points and keep your space clean.