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Hiring a Professional Window Company to Clean Windows

For many homeowners, one of life’s great pleasures is to have crystal-clear windows that are well-cleaned both inside and out as well as streak-free. You can see the world outside as it really is. In order to get windows this clean usually requires hiring professionals who have all the equipment to do this job correctly.

Things to consider

There are many good companies in Connecticut such as Westport Window Cleaning but you need to consider 3 things if you are thinking about doing this as a DIY project. Things to think about that a professional can do include:

  • Safety – Are you going to be able to clean outside the windows with some of being hard-to-reach, and do you have the right equipment to do this job completely?
  • Time – This can be a time-consuming task. This is one major reason to hire professionals due to time and productivity. Professionals can quickly finish in one day what would take DIY an entire weekend to do.
  • Quality – Many household cleaners will leave streaks and that is what you will be seeing every time you look out the window.

Things you didn’t think about

After you have decided to hire a professional for this job, here are things that you probably did not consider until the professional shows up. These include:

  • Cleaning the blinds – Windows that are clean can collect dust that comes off blinds. If your plan is to have a professional wash the windows inside, then you need to clean or dust the blind prior to them arrive or you can ask if they can add cleaning blinds into their services.
  • Ask about odd jobs – Most window washers usually will have ladders that are tall, not only to reach outside windows that are up high but for other hard-to-reach things inside too. Ask them if they do other odd jobs such as dusting ceiling fans, changing light bulbs or cleaning chandeliers. Then ask how much this will add to the total cost.