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How to Make the Most of Your Awkwardly Shaped Kitchen

Many move to a new house and find that everything else is perfect, but the kitchen is awkwardly shaped you do not have to worry there are many things that you can do to that kitchen to make it the most appealing kitchen as bright kitchen boost your mood if you are not willing to cook and also lower your stress levels. Here are some of the things you can do for your kitchen to brighten up;


Painting is, conceivably, among the most apparent and main suggestions. A dark coloured paint, gives your kitchen a general dark feel. Painting transforms your kitchen. You can try a light grey or white paint to brighten up your awkwardly shaped kitchen. It is incredible how a white or light grey paint can do for your kitchen.

Go for bright, white bulbs.

Change your lights to something new. Go for Bright White LED bulbs in order to maximize the brightness of your lamps. You moreover require additional light sources. You can add a table lamp to your kitchen to add more lustre.

Get lighter curtains.

Don’t go for thick curtains that barely allow any natural light entering your kitchen. Change them for something light-coloured and something sheer and nice also.

Add some artwork.

Artworks are very useful in brightening your kitchen for various reasons. The art makes the room appealing when you enter, you will forget about the shape. They reflect your personality; it makes the whole place brighter and attracting, especially if positioned across light sources, like windows. Try putting a well-done art in your awkwardly shaped kitchen. It makes it livelier.

Go for white or light-coloured furniture.

If possible, go for white or light coloured furniture or dark colours. Get white, white credenzas, cream couches, along with white tables! If you don’t want to risk with whites since they get dirty quickly, then go for light greys, beiges, and creams. If you already have used items at the moment, refurbish the old ones with some quality sofa covers. Some furniture will transform the whole look.

Remove tall items from the windows.

If you have a large plant or any other piece of furniture that is blocking the light from entering your house, shifts it! Put large furniture on opposite ends from where your windows are. By doing this, your kitchen will get natural light, and it will brighten everything else.

Put plants all over

It is incredible how little greenery adds brightness to your kitchen. Just bring bold and appealing plants and place them at specific places in your kitchen.

Invest in decorative metals

Adding several decorative metals in your kitchen usually works in the same way mirrors do. Rather than making your kitchen dull and dingy like how some materials do, metals reflect light, thus adding some brightness in your kitchen. You can use metals on plant pots, wall décors, vases, or kitchen doors, and you will get amazed at the big difference that a little gleam can make.

Be clean!

Lastly, your kitchen requires one more thing, perfect cleaning! Clean all surfaces, the scuff marks on the walls, and clean everywhere. Clean your windows, something just simple, scrub them both outside and inside. This can completely change the whole game since there will be the enough amount of light to shine through. Dirt and filth block light. When you clean your windows, they will be crystal clear and able to brighten your kitchen. When the above kitchen makeover is done, your kitchen will look different from its shape it will be a place you spend most of your time.