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How to Prepare for New Flooring Installation

Preparation is critical for successful flooring installation if you want Flooring Employment Opportunities west bend wi. In fact, this step is the most important in the installation process and can affect the lifespan of your flooring. You may think that your job is done when you select your flooring and search for hardwood laminate installation San Diego CA, but you can save money and improve your new flooring’s durability by properly preparing your floors.

Remove Furniture

Carefully pack up valuables and delicate items, such as lamps, china, and wall art. Next, ask whether your furniture should be removed. Some flooring, such as hardwood and laminate flooring, may not require you to remove all your furniture if it can be maneuvered out of the work area. However, you will probably need to remove it to prepare your floors for installation.

Height Adjustments

Will your new flooring change the height of your floors? If you are replacing old hardwoods with new hardwoods, you may not change your floor height, but if you are replacing carpet with hardwood flooring, your floors will be slightly raised. This will require that your baseboards, trim and doors be removed. Then, your doors and trim may need to be cut so they fit with the new flooring. You should be able to reinstall your baseboards without cutting them after your flooring is installed.

Prepare Your Floor

If you are able, remove your old flooring. Don’t forget to pull up the nails and staples. Next, remove any dust and old adhesives that are on the subfloors. Clean the floors well. Your contractor will determine if your subfloors need repairs.

Final Preparation

You don’t want the dust and debris from your flooring installation migrating into other rooms, so close them off. Designate an outside area for waste disposal close to your home’s entrance. Also, set up an area outside for your contractor to cut and prepare the flooring.

Flooring installation is a delicate process. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to ensure your floor’s durability and function into the future.