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Pool Decoration As Per the Requirement: Choosing a Builder

Decorating your garden with a swimming pool brings a certain added value to your home. However, the project is not to be taken lightly. If you want a buried pool, it will not have the same impact as an above ground pool that you can dismantle. It is therefore essential to think carefully, if possible with a professional, about the best solutions adapted to your garden, the rules of your Local Planning Plan as well as the safety rules in force.

Best Installations

The installation of a swimming pool is a project which more and more people dream of and which becomes easily accessible with possibilities for all budgets. On the other hand, this requires dwelling a little on regulatory questions: Which basin is authorized? Where to set up the project? Should we build a technical room? What authorization is required? Is it for the individual or the professional (swimming pool specialist) to take care of the administrative procedures? The pool builder in murrieta ca offers the perfect choices there.

Swimming Pool Construction: What Type Of Swimming Pool To Choose?

Choosing a type of swimming pool is not simple, indeed there is not one but a multitude of swimming pools. It remains to know which one best meets your expectations and which meets your environmental, location and budget constraints. Between the infinity pool, the biological pool, the indoor pool, the inground pool, the above ground pool or even the swimming lane, you will be spoiled for choice.

Request a Personal Estimate

There are different construction methods for a swimming pool, namely:

  • Monocoque concrete : a single intake is necessary to sink the tank. It then makes it possible to lay all types of covering such as tiling, liner, paints or even coatings.
  • Concrete masonry, the traditional method par excellence but which does not allow the laying of tiles. Liner and PVC are the most recommended materials to secure the waterproofing of your pool.
  • The lost modular formwork which is most used by large manufacturers and which consists of pouring concrete into assembled and reinforced formwork.
  • The shuttering block formwork which consists of the assembly and reinforcement of bottomless concrete blocks in which concrete is poured.

The modular pool kit which comes in several solutions and which is made up of steel or stainless steel panels assembled together and sealed with a raft.

The above-ground pool which is available in several possibilities (wood, tubular or freestanding, of different shapes and which is often in kit form.

Swimming Pool Construction: Building Permit Or Prior Declaration Of Work?

Like any act built on land, you must request authorization from the town hall. Depending on the characteristics of your swimming pool project, you will then have to either fill out a prior request for work or a building permit. There are also cases where no special authorization is required.