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Should You Redo Your Existing Cabinets or Buy New Ones?

Refinishing cabinets

This refers to repainting or recoating the cabinets and sometimes the interior shelving as well. The process goes beyond than what many homeowners believe. Hence updating the kitchen cabinets is not a DIY job always. This is what encompasses in kitchen cabinetry when working with Cuisines Modena.

  1. Doors are detached from the cabinets and all the hardware like knobs, handles, and hinges are also removed. 
  2. The doors and cabinets are cleaned from inside out and then sanded out. Sometimes, you may also need paint stripper to eliminate old coats of paint. It is important to fill in small holes and scratches before you paint or stain it.
  3. A contractor can use wood filler or putty or another patching material to fix the cabinets before they refinish them. After the putty is set, it is sanded to make the cabinets and doors smooth.
  4. Attaching new hardware, hinges and other features enhance the look of cabinetry. You may also need to fill the holes in old hardware, drill new holes and details before you paint or stain the cabinets. 
  5. You can also use primer to paint properly and prevent the cabinets from sucking in the grease and humidity from the kitchens. 
  6. After you have painted cabinets and doors, replace the handles and knobs and doors are reattached. 

Which is better: custom or store bought cabinetry?

  1. Custom cabinetry perfectly fits your kitchen space so that there is no weird corner or gap between appliances left to become a hiding spot for more storage.
  2. Built in appliances with surrounding cabinetry lets you to have the most accessible storage when you cook or clean up. Cabinets surrounding the appliances also display a clean and streamlined look.
  3. When choosing custom, it lets you blend the cabinets with open shelving or exposed cabinets. Means these would have no front doors, you can have an eye catching appeal and drama in the kitchen and no shelf or cabinet would look like an afterthought.
  4. If you have other furniture pieces that are wooden, custom cabinets can also be stained with the same timber species and designed with same detailing as those pieces. Your kitchen also looks aligned with the rest of your home.
  5. Store bought cabinets have a generic and bland appearance, but custom cabinets have specific details, tones and other features that are unique and that expresses your personality well.