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The Importance of Weed Control

Weeds in lakes are common. However, not all weeds are the same. Some weeds thrive in sunny, warm environments and can quickly change a clear lake into a tangle of vegetation. These weeds need to be controlled because they can be detrimental for boats, fish, and other wildlife, by contacting weed control manning SC.

Survival of Fish

Whether fish are stocked or native, they are common in many lakes. While they are occasionally put in lakes for human consumption, fish can also be beneficial for controlling certain kinds of insects and weeds. However, if the lake is covered in weeds, fish can die. Fish need oxygen in the water to survive. That oxygen comes from the air, so when the water that touches air is covered, oxygen in the water decreases. Getting rid of invasive weeds will allow fish to not only live but to thrive.

Clear Water

When lakes are covered by weeds, they can look unappealing and uninviting. By adding weed control for lakes, the clarity of the water will improve, making the lake more aesthetically pleasing. Clear and clean water allows boats to easily pass through without getting caught up or tangled. Clean water is also beneficial to native wildlife, providing a source of fresh water for any animals in the area.

Healthy Lakes

Weeds that cover lakes are invasive and can disrupt a lake’s ecosystem. As stated, weeds can kill fish, but invasive weeds can also kill any other plants or animals living in the water. Once things begin to die in the lake, the lake’s pH can change. This change in pH could affect any wildlife drinking or bathing in the water, causing animals to stay away from the area. By cleaning the weeds off before it is too late, you can help keep the existing lake ecosystem balanced.

Whether you are interested in fishing, boating, or nature watching, keeping your lake clean of weeds is important. Getting rid of weeds can allow you to continue doing everything you enjoy while ensuring the health and safety of both your equipment and the surrounding wildlife.