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Wall Tiles: The New Trend In Modern Interior Design

Wall tiles are no longer just limited to the bathrooms and kitchens the new trend in interior design has brought them on the walls of other rooms. And at the same time, the choice of tiles has been so great in terms of material, colour, design, and patterns that it is very easy for you to find the tile you want on your wall.

When you are shopping for feature wall tiles the first point of concern is the material. Now, Tiles In Adelaide are made of several materials, the following list will give you an idea of the materials on offer.

  • Ceramic/Porcelain:

These two are both clay-based artificial tiles having almost similar characteristics apart from their water absorption capacity. Porcelain absorbs water slower and it is best for high-moisture areas like kitchen and bathrooms. Porcelain is made from a denser, finer and impervious clay fired at higher temperatures, making it harder and more damage resistance than ceramic. Ceramic, on the other hand, is produced with white or red clay fired in a kiln and then covered with a durable glaze. Ceramic may not be great for outdoor use or areas with high moisture but they are great in decorating indoors because of their aesthetic appeal.

  • Glass:

Glass tiles are a great choice when you are looking for feature wall tiles and have become quite a popular choice nowadays mainly due to its versatility, it combines well with the other materials. Glass tiles are made with various shapes and colours of glass forming a uniform design. It is available in both mosaic collections and individual tiles. Glass tiles are solid and have very good moisture resistance, so you can use them almost anywhere in the house. Also, glass tiles are easy to clean, and they don’t absorb impurities easily.

  • Mosaic:

Mosaic tiles are made of different elements arranged in one place to create patterns and images. Mosaics are basically an inlay design with elements as small as 2”x 2”. The pattern on every mosaic tile varies greatly and they are available in different shapes like round, square, rectangular and styles like chevron, arabesque, herringbone, etc.

  • Cement tiles:

Cement tiles are making a comeback with the new interior decoration trend. These tiles are extremely porous, and they are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Modern cement tiles are available in a wide range of colours and designs.

  • Quarry tiles:

Quarry tiles are famous for their strength and durability and they are mainly used as pavement tiles. But now they are used indoors also as they bring a very different aesthetic appeal.

  • Natural stone:

Natural stones like marble, granite, limestone are very popular choices. These are being used for centuries and buildings around the world made of these tiles are a great ode to their durability. Apart from the durability, the aesthetics of these tiles can’t be matched by anyone which makes them so popular.

These are some major feature wall tiles available in the market right now. Now, each tile is very different from the other and they all have their pros and cons. So, if you are looking to but tiles in Adelaide then contact the dealer near you for measurement and quotation.