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What is the Difference Between Renovation and Remodelling?

Both renovations, as well as remodelling, refer to almost similar activities of improving an existing structure either the whole building or a portion of a room of the building. However, often these two words also are popularly used for slightly different activities such as restoring a very poorly maintained house to a good state of repair or resurrecting that house from a very poor state of disrepair is often called as renovation. On the other hand, remodelling is more used in the cases of changing something in a structure or bringing about change in an existing structure by adding many features. Eventually, whether you have a plan for renovation or remodelling of your house, the first and foremost is to choose the right & appropriate renovation or remodelling service provider who is professional, experienced and reliable like Renovco.

The basic differences between renovation and remodelling are sometimes important especially while communicating with the service providers to effectively convey what you exactly need to do your house. In addition to this, it is sometimes very essential to know the differences between renovation and remodelling particularly when you have a plan to sell your house. A renovated house means something different to a buyer than a newly remodelled house. There may be even difference in costs between a renovated house and a remodelled house.

The renovation is often carried out on an existing structure to improve whereas they can be also drastic similar to that of remodelling. The constructions for the purpose of renovation refer more to repairing or restoring something or in other words replacing the old structure with the new.

On the other hand, remodelling refers to bring change in the existing structure. For example, if you wish to remodel your bathroom, you are in fact looking for changing the entire appearance of your bathroom whereas to renovate your bathroom means you want to repair your bathroom. Remodelling generally explains to change the appearance, structure, feature or functions of a room or house and transforming the room or house with its existing layout and design.

Eventually, another aspect which makes the difference between renovation and remodelling more distinct is the time that is spent in renovation and remodelling as well as the cost involved in both. The time, as well as cost, usually depend upon the nature of renovation and remodelling. If the remodelling is done for a small room it will ultimately take less time and involve less money whereas renovating a total house may consume more time and a larger amount of money. However, remodelling is often more time taking task involving more money in comparison to renovation.