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What Makes Power Washing A Better Option than Cleaning The House on Your Own?


Professional power washing increases the life of a property by years. But, as a matter of fact, people prefer cleaning their houses themselves to save a few bucks and that’s where the sales value is hit. When you let professionals power wash the exteriors of your house, the cleaning gets rid of lichens, moss, algae, as well as mildew without scratching the concrete. On the contrary, the maximum that you can do is to remove dust and scrape out some mold, that too, not without – accidentally of course – damaging the walls. 


That said, it’s clear that soft washing the exteriors of a house – no pressure roof cleaning, walls and window cleaning, and concrete cleaning – is best when done by professionals at companies like the Zachs power washing. It is because:


  • They are professionals with vast experience in power washing. 
  • They offer cost-effective packages. 
  • They use detergents that do not harm the walls.


Some of the best services they render are listed below. 


1 . House and Building Soft Washing


Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial building, Zachs power washing is one of the best companies to handle it. 


Their professionals use high volumes of water – that contains a careful mixture of detergents to target dirt and other organic growth – at low pressure in order to clean the walls. 


  1. No Pressure Roof Cleaning


Imagine, will you be able to clean every inch of the roof of your building, no matter how steep or dirty it is? Obviously, no. But professionals can. And that too, without using water since water can actually creep inside through ceiling cracks, damaging your property instead of improving it. 


So, what do they actually do? 


Well, they use a chemical mixture that they spread all over the roof. The mixture gets dry and kills all the dirt, including all kinds of organic growth, turning it white. The professionals then carefully brush off only the larger chunks of the growth. The rest automatically gets cleared up by wind and rains. 


  1. Window Cleaning


Whether you need it weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or only for festivals and holidays, professionals are always available to deep clean all the windows in your house. The reasons that glass window cleaning is a good option include the following. 


  • There’s no hint of dirt left. 
  • More sunshine enters through clean windows. 
  • Less dust and more sunshine reduces the presence of allergens and moisture in your house that, in turn, improves the health of your family. 


2 other services you can always ask for are:


  1. Concrete Cleaning – Driveway and Walkway. 
  2. Gutter Cleaning – primarily, dealing with blockage, leakage, and maintainance.