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What to Keep In Mind When Selling Properties in Berlin, Germany

Selling your property is one thing, but easily selling an apartment in Berlin is vital if you want to get the real value of your home. Leaving your property too long on the market will significantly reduce its valuation. Eventually, no one will want to buy your property. There are some tips you can follow and some mistakes you can avoid for easily selling an apartment in Germany.

Things to Consider When Trying to Sell Your House in Germany

1. Market Research is Key

Don’t ever underestimate the power of market research. When you make your final decision about selling your house, don’t just rush and put it into the market. Get all your facts right first. Find out if this is the best time to sell your home, the legal hurdles you might face during the transaction, and the home appraisal process. What should be written in the sales contract? You would not know if you don’t conduct thorough market research, would you?

2. Appraisal is Not a Waste of Money

Contrary to popular opinion, an appraisal is not a waste of money. It allows you to know the actual value of your home before you add it to property listings. This way, you would not scare people away by asking for a price that is too high above market value. Also, you will not cheat yourself by asking for something below market value. An agent will charge you between €200 to €500 to physically check the value of your home. In Berlin, Germany, you can perform an online home appraisal for an even smaller fee.

3. A Little Remodelling Goes a Long Way

Some homeowners have a habit of leaving their houses in bad shape when they want to move out. They feel like they no longer need to invest in any remodeling or housekeeping for that matter. This is a wrong move. Keeping your house in its best condition will get it off the market quickly. You may even successfully sell it above market value if the buyer sees that it is freshly renovated and clean.

4. Don’t Ditch the Real Estate Agent

You might think you can sell your home yourself by posting an ad online and physically showing people the apartment. This is a bad choice. The best way to get your Berlin home off the market fast is to hand it over to a reliable real estate agent from a reputable company. You can find a list of the best real estate agents in Berlin online. Agents get paid by commission so it is in their interest that your house is sold at the best possible price. They will also help you navigate the whole process successfully while ensuring that you don’t break any rules.


Easily selling an apartment in Berlin isn’t something you can do on your own. Pay an agent to help you through every stage of the process. All you will have to do is sit down, relax and wait for the best offer.