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2 Ways You’re Accidentally Harming Your Septic System

If you’ve recently moved to a new property that has septic system pumping lisbon oh instead of a sewer system, it’s important that you learn about all the ways you could be unintentionally damaging your septic system. Here are two important ways you may not have considered.

  1. You’re Using the Septic System Like It’s a Sewer System

The city’s sewer system has a much greater capacity than your personal septic system. The sewer is built to accommodate thousands of people at a time, but your septic Danbury CT system is limited in how many gallons per water it can process. An average residential septic tank can typically handle at least 750 gallons of water. While that’s a lot of water, keep in mind that a leaking or running toilet can process approximately 200 gallons of water per day, taking up over 25% of your tank’s capacity. When you combine that with standard household water usage, you could quickly overfill your tank without realizing it.

  1. You Planted Trees in Your Yard

You may be eager to beautify your new property, but if you plant trees in your yard – especially if it’s a small yard – you may be doing serious harm to your septic system without realizing it. Tree roots seek out water, which means the roots of any newly planted trees may end up in your septic system’s pipes in a few years’ time. So, how far away should you plant trees? To figure that out, research how tall the tree can grow to be. Use that max height as the planting distance from your septic drain field. In other words, if you have a fruit tree that should grow to be 15 feet tall, plant that tree at least 15 feet away from your septic system.

Doing septic tank cleaning DeFuniak Springs FL takes a lot of forethought. By being aware of ways you could accidentally be damaging your system, you can better ensure that it will continue working correctly for years to come.