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3 Common Heavy Machines Used on Construction Sites Home

There will be several different types of heavy machinery being used on any given construction job. Here are three common heavy machines used on construction sites.

  1. Forklifts

One of the most important types of heavy machinery on construction sites, rough terrain forklifts are quite versatile tools. These trucks are used to move equipment, construction materials and rubble across a site. Because many construction sites have uneven ground and obstructions around the site, the ability of a rough terrain forklift to maneuver across difficult terrain is vital to moving material safely.

  1. Loaders

A loader isn’t necessarily directly involved in the actual construction work, but it’s integral for ensuring the work goes well and stays on schedule. This type of heavy machinery is used to collect materials or rubble and load it onto forklifts or dump trucks. Loaders typically have a large bucket in the front that the driver can lower to scoop up material and lift to dump it into a larger container. There are two main types of loaders: wheeled and tracked. Wheeled loaders are the most commonly utilized, but tracked loaders, like rough terrain forklifts, are able to navigate more difficult terrain on construction sites, so they can get to areas where wheeled loaders can’t.

  1. Excavators

Excavators are another heavily utilized type of heavy machinery on construction sites. These vehicles, also called diggers, are necessary to efficiently and safely dig up solid ground, which is the first step for most construction projects. Whether you’re building some kind of channel or a building that will require a foundation, chances are an excavator will be required. For this reason, excavators are construction industry standard vehicles.

These are only some of the more commonly required heavy machinery tools used in construction. There are plenty of other common heavy machines that are used regularly, as well as more specialized heavy machinery used for more delicate or highly specific work on the construction site.