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3 Crucial Questions About Basement Repairs

A home’s basement is often a blank slate that homeowners don’t know exactly how to use, leading these spaces to fall into disrepair. When it’s time to reclaim the space, the first step for many people is to undo any damage.

Does Your Basement Need Repairs?

When considering basement remodeling vadnais heights mn, think about what could cause structural issues in your home. Some problems are worse than others, such as persistent dampness. If you find mold or mildew downstairs, it’s imperative to find out where moisture is accumulating so it doesn’t spread further throughout the house. One common cause is the separation of window or door frames from the walls. Having such issues repaired can prevent further structural degradation and keep your house dry.

What’s the Difference Between Repair and Remodeling?

Repairing a basement simply means restoring it to a condition where it is safe and functional. When a contractor remodels a basement, he or she typically performs necessary repairs before moving on to aesthetic changes such as changing flooring, adding fixtures and painting. If you are considering a remodel at any point in the future, you will likely need to begin by having the space repaired.

Can a Damaged Basement Hurt a Home’s Value?

Damage in the basement can be an indicator of foundation issues that few potential buyers want to deal with. A basement that needs repairs is essentially a wasted space and a potential money drain, which can bring down a house’s overall value.

On the other hand, being proactive and choosing to make repairs such as waterproofing is a good way to boost value in the long run. It may even reduce insurance rates on plans that cover flood and water damage.

Whether you want to expand your usable square footage with your basement or make your home more attractive to future buyers, finding a professional repair service is the first step to success.