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3 Quick Projects To Improve Your House To Sell in a Hurry

Worried about how you can get your home ready for sale on a major time crunch? You’re in luck – it’s doesn’t take much to give your house a quick update to give buyers exactly what they want. Here are three quick projects that make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Remove Clutter

When a house is filled with clutter, it distracts prospective buyers from getting a good feel for the main features and overall structure of the property. Clutter can take many forms, including personal collections, piles of papers and even pet items. Since you’re working on a time crunch, it’s best to store these items away instead of sorting through them one by one. Use local self storage Canon City CO to hold your things during the selling process and reduce distractions that turn off potential buyers.

  1. Clean Top to Bottom

After you remove all the clutter, it’s time to give the interior of your home a deep clean. It’s a smart idea to focus your efforts on your kitchen and bathrooms, since these areas not only trap dirt and grime, but also some unpleasant odors. A neat trick is to use baking soda as you clean – it refreshes all the surfaces you scrub while removing funky smells at the same time.

  1. Make Simple Repairs

Do you have any odd jobs around the house that you’ve neglected to finish? Pesky fixes like repairing a leaky toilet or faucet or making paint touchups are things that you need to complete before you list your home. You want buyers to get a sense that your home is meticulously maintained, and completing these tasks helps to accomplish that.

Selling a home is often hectic, especially if you’re up against the clock. By following these tips, though, you ensure that your home is ready to welcome potential buyers and make the best possible first impression.