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3 Things to Look for in an Aircon Servicing Company

There’s nothing quite like Singapore’s humid and muggy temperatures that makes you reach for the aircon remote. The only other worst thing to happen would be if your aircon was not working properly! Breakdown is a part and parcel of the lifespan of aircons since many households run their units overnight and during the daytime too. Something eventually is bound to go wrong.

What matters now is how quickly your aircon servicemen can help remedy the problem. Having regular checks are also an option with the right company and would help extend the lifespan of your aircon to it’s fullest. So, what makes a servicing company a good fit for your home?

Thorough Investigation of the Entire Process

Aircon servicing companies should investigate all stages of operation in the event of a breakdown. Let’s hypothesize and say the cooling component in an aircon is faulty. Other than fixing the immediate problem, the servicemen should conduct a full check-up to see if the fault itself might have been caused by other complications, e.g., the unit’s filters are not doing their job.

Guaranteed Satisfaction and Warranties

So, your aircon has been fixed and everything goes back to normal. But let’s say after a month or two of smooth operation, it starts having problems again. Do you call a new servicing company, since the old one might not have done a good job?

We say: call up the original company and tell them about the recurring issues. Many servicemen nowadays are focused on building up customer relationships and gearing their service towards a more personalized model, much like a doctor (just for aircons).

LK Brothers is one of those offering a 90-day warranty period within which they will be responsible if any kind of aircon replacement or re-servicing is needed. Having a trusted lifeline to come down at a moments notice should be every homeowner’s priority, and LK Brother’s website has a full list of the other services that they provide.

Experienced and Trusted in the Industry

Some aircon servicing companies have been on the scene far longer than their competitors. However the company brands themselves; it is still good practice to look up their reviews and customer feedback online before giving them a call. Many companies like LK Brothers now have dedicated help lines to dial whenever your aircon has troubles, so your fault can be properly diagnosed before they send technicians down to fix it.

We know that you want your aircon cleaned and serviced by professionals – and for that reason looking up multiple aircon servicing companies is also encouraged. Compare their reviews, prices and aftercare options to make sure your unit gets the treatment it deserves.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, choosing an aircon servicing company should be done before breakdowns happen. Just like how many families have a preferred doctor to visit when they get ill! Your installation company could be kept for life, since they would be familiar with the product itself. Whatever the issue is, remember to look for reviews and call the companies for more information!