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3 Types of Kitchen Layouts

Many people seek to renovate their kitchens. They want kitchens that are larger, more open, and more colorful. Individuals can explore kitchen remodel Carteret County NC to learn about how professionals can help them redesign and beautify their cooking areas. Here is a list of three different types of kitchen layouts a person may have.

  1. U-Shaped

Also known as the horseshoe layout, U-shaped kitchens have cabinets and appliances all around the perimeter, save for the entrance area. These kinds of kitchens are acquired by those who desire a substantial amount of countertop space. One can make several meals simultaneously in a U-shaped kitchen; there is enough space to hold various pots, pans, plates, tools, and ingredients.

  1. L-Shaped

An L-shaped floor plan has appliances, countertops, and cabinets pressed up against two of the main walls of the kitchen. The sink and dishwasher are placed against one wall while a refrigerator is set against another. This floor plan is extremely popular because it leaves the center space empty. One can put tables, chairs, and stools in the middle of the kitchen. This allows individuals to quickly and easily transport food items to and from the central table.

  1. G-Shaped

The G-shaped kitchen, also called the peninsula kitchen, is basically a U-shaped kitchen with added countertop space that juts out, reducing the size of the entrance area. The additional workspace, deemed the peninsula, gives individuals the opportunity to entertain guests as they make drinks and distribute food. This layout is beneficial because it provides people with plenty of work room without forcing them to sacrifice a great deal of floor space.

Altering the aesthetic of a kitchen with a specific layout is an ambitious task, but not an impossible one. Professionals such as interior designers can help people attain the kitchen of their dreams.