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4 No-Fail Tails to Help You Choose the Best Bedroom Colors

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up the look of your bedroom, a new paint job is a great way to do it! 

With just a gallon or two of paint and a few hours of hard work, you can update your bedroom’s look at feel. In fact, the hardest part of painting your bedroom with a fresh new color is actually figuring out what color is best. 

Truth is, there is no exact science to choosing the best bedroom color. The endless combinations that you can find online or at hardware stores can only complicate the process further. It’s actually possible to get so overwhelmed by the decision-making process that you end up not painting your bedroom at all. 

So, to make your decision-making process easier, we’ve gathered some of the best advice on how to choose the best bedroom color for you! 

Use the color wheel 

If you find yourself stuck trying to decide which colors go well together, look at the color wheel for confidence and inspiration. This will allow you to Compare Paint Colors for Bedroom by holding up the wheel to things that you already own that you will not be painting. The color of your wall art, bed frame, desk, wardrobes and more can help you figure out what colors will look best in your bedroom. 

Don’t choose one, choose three 

The rule of three can be a fantastic guiding principle when it comes to creating a dynamic and beautifully colored bedroom. To do it correctly, think about proportion and rely on the 70/20/10 distribution rule. Use the lightest color for 70% of your wall space, the second lightest for 20% of your wall space, and the boldest color for the remaining 10%. 

Don’t be afraid to go dark 

One thing to keep in mind is that a bedroom with dark walls can create a unique and beautiful place to lay your head at night. This is especially useful to consider if you are someone who loves to sleep in a fully dark room, as the darker the paint on the wall will allow your room to get even darker during the nighttime. 

Dark and rich colors can be an interesting way to change things up, and if you are worried about the room becoming a little too cave-like, simply hang a large mirror or two to make sure that you’ve always got natural light bouncing around. 

Go earth tone 

One of the most popular trends in bedroom paint colors these days is to go with natural colors, or earth tone. Seafoam green and robin’s-egg blue can make a beautiful and cheerful combination. Not only will these types of colors give your bedroom a natural feel and vibe, they will also help soften hard edges and shapes that are sometimes found in bedrooms. From there, you can natural on other light colors to pair with your colorful walls.