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5 Best types of fencing for the pool in your backyard

A pool is an addition that makes your backyard the most valued place of the house. It is an attraction for all family members. Kids love to spend time in water and play, especially in summers while elders have their best time relaxing by the poolside. It not only amuses your guests and makes the best party place, but also elevates the value of your home when you try to sell it. While planning the landscape for your backyard with a pool, it is customary to think of an appropriate type of fencing for the pool. There are many types of fencing available in the market that can boost the safety, privacy, and overall appeal of your pool. Whether you choose the Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing for an aristocrat look or wooden fencing to match with the earthy and natural theme of your home, knowing about different types of fencing always makes the selection much easier. Here are some popular types of fencing for you to choose from


  • Aluminum fencing


Aluminum fencing is preferred as it provides the look of timber while being highly durable and sturdy. It is less expensive as compared to timber fencing and is a more cost-effective solution to get a similar look. It is easy to maintain and provide great resistance against the constant chlorinated water splashes from the pool.


  • Steel pool fencing


Steel fencing provides you all the benefits that you expect from pool fencing. It is durable, affordable, and provide the utmost safety. Steel is the most popular material for pool fencing and is designed meticulously for an elaborated elegant looking fencing. It is easy to clean and you can maintain its vibrant appearance and charm with little or no maintenance.



  • Glass pool fencing


This stylish and sophisticated type of fencing is not only functional but also takes the appeal of your pool and your home’s curb appeal to the next level. It allows you to admire the peace and beauty of your pool while sitting in your living room or any other part of your house. It blends the pool with your house seamlessly which is why it is among the most loved types of pool fencing. However, it would require a little more effort to maintain glass fencing.


  • Colorbond pool fencing


Many argue that a color bond pool fencing blocks the natural light to the pool and obstructs its view. However, it is super-stylish, robust, and creates an iconic look that can be recognized instantly. All these properties put this type of fencing in the list of favorites despite a couple of drawbacks. It is often used on one side of the pool to balance its pros and cons.


  • Wooden fencing


If you love the natural feel around your pool or have your home based on a nature-based and earthy theme, wooden fencing is the best pick for you. It creates a classic comforting ambiance in your backyard. One downside of wooden fencing is that it needs considerable maintenance efforts and you may need to change it every few years.