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5 Facts That You Should Know About Ceramic Tiles

Floors with ceramic tile products charlotte nc can suit any type of household. Whether it is a high-traffic area within the homelike a corridor, bathroom or kitchen area, it can stand the test of time and heavy wear and tear. When it comes to tiled walls, these can look very decorativein a bathroom or even corridors. Ceramique au Sommet store Montreal is known for its unique ceramic tile designs and a wide variety of offerings.

Ceramic tiles have to be chosen carefully depending on the specific area that you want to use them in. Here are the top 5 facts that you must be aware of while opting for ceramic tiles.

  1. Decoration: When you opt for ceramic tiles for walls,these can create some interesting look, especially when arranged by mixing different colors and designs. A decorative wall on your corridor can mesmerize guests and hence it is worth checking out various collections right from the basic tiles to the decorative variants.
  2. Surface Abrasion: All ceramic tiles have a PEI symbol, which is an indicator of resistance to surface abrasion. The higher the PEI, the more resistance a tile would have to surface abrasion. This could be especially important to consider while selecting tiles for high-traffic areas.
  3. Mosaic: Ceramic tiles can be used to create some of the most beautiful mosaic designs. These can adorn your bathroom walls and work wonders when used to separate two areas in a home.
  4. Glazed vs Unglazed: Glazed ceramic tiles offer the best performance irrespective of whether they are used for indoor tiling or outdoor. These have higher abrasion resistance and come in different kinds such as matte finish, polished etc.
  5. Anti-Slip Tiles: One of the most important aspects of ceramic tile variants is their anti-slip property. It directly affects your safety and that of the other family members while inside the house. Hence, while opting for ceramic tiles for water-prone areas of your home, it is best to go for one that offers anti-slip property.

Matte finish, graphic designs and subway tiles are some of the other kinds of ceramic tiles that are trending. No amount of research is enough when it comes to ceramic tiles considering the wide gamut of options and variants available today. It is not just the patterns and designs but also shapes of ceramic tiles that are constantly evolving. Therefore, when it comes to selecting one for your home, it is best to stay up to date about the latest facts and trends.