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8 Ways to get your Home Ready for summer

Who does not love the beauty and ambience of summer? These months exemplify the Australian experience, and most Australians can’t wait to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

What’s not love? The kids are out of school, temperatures are soaring, and a lot of changes are occurring around us.

When preparing for summer, it is essential not to forget to get your home in shape. Here are some possible ways you might do that.

Let the Light In

Summer is synonymous with rising temperatures and the sun; it only makes sense to use this abundance of daylight to beautify our homes.

It is important to consider implementing some daylighting strategies to ensure that you let enough summer sun into your residence for better illumination, saving you money on electrical lighting.

Utilizing the sun for internal illumination is a win-win situation for everyone.

Natural Air Conditioning

Properly conditioning your home’s air can cost you a lot in terms of energy consumption and money; a great way to reduce air conditioning costs this summer would be to implement passive design strategies.

This involves utilizing elements like wind, sun and the likes to keep your home cool and comfortable. 

Planting trees and installing overhangs in your home is a good way of shading your home naturally.


There is a reason for spring cleaning, and after a long spell of sheltering your family, it is only fair to give your Sydney home a careful and thorough cleaning using Houseproud Cleaning.

While moving things around to clean, it allows you to rearrange and reorganize your entire home. 

You can also get rid of items you are not using any longer as having less clutter helps you keep everything tidily in place. 

Let Summer In

An excellent way for you to prepare for summer would be to invite the great outdoors into your home, and you can do this by selecting a few plants that do well indoors and create a minute garden within your home.

You can have your plants in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms or wherever else you feel comfortable with, you cannot go wrong with plants.

Maintain your Cooling System

By far the most important tip is maintaining your air conditioner. The last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to give up on you in the middle of summer.

We strongly advise you to consider an air conditioning maintenance schedule; malfunctions in your air conditioner can lead to discomfort as well as expensive replacements and repairs.

Update your Bedding

As summer approaches, consider replacing your heavier fabrics with thinner layers of breathable bed sheets.

You should also consider making use of natural fibres and avoid synthetic materials; natural fibres afford you a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Consequently, consider washing your sheets regularly as the weather becomes hotter, clean them more frequently than you would during colder months.

Inspect Plumbing

While preparing your home for summer, you should also ensure that your irrigation system and outdoor spigots are fully functional and intact.

Check and ensure that your home’s plumbing system functions appropriately; you do not want to discover faulty pipes in the middle of summer.

Turn on all the taps, showers, and pipes and inspect their flow; you can also get inspection help from a professional plumber.

Inspect your home’s Exterior

A quick look at your home’s roof can expose a lot of the minor problems that accumulated over the year; this way, you can repair any issues before they spiral out of control.

You can also inspect your guttering, chimneys, shingles, walls, windows, and everything in between with or without the help of a professional.

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