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Advice Before Buying Your Floor Mat

A well-placed rug reveals the character of an entire room and gives your furniture its fair value.

Few acquisitions know-how to create a cozy atmosphere in an interior at a reasonable price. At the same time, whether city, village, or nomadic, the carpet transmits a feeling and the atmosphere of a society other than our western society.

Buying a rug should be a thoughtful act; how will it be used, under the dining table, or in an elegant living room? In what environment will the carpet be placed; what are the constraints of furniture, tapestries, and curtains vis-à-vis the rug? What is the correct size for the rug, and what will it cost?

Keep In Mind That

  • A carpet placed under a dining table must, of course, withstand the wear and tear caused by the table and the chairs. The velvet and patterns must be able to withstand inevitable “accidents” during meals. The size should be such that the chairs, when used, should not continuously grate the edge of the carpet.
  • A carpet with a central medallion means that you have to arrange your furniture symmetrical triangle, while a rug without a central medallion leaves more freedom.
  • A carpet that is very exposed to wear must be durable and heavy to stay in place.
  • It may be advantageous for an insulated carpet on which we rarely walk, to present a pattern and a configuration that attract attention, like a piece of jewelry.
  • Your new carpet must be suitable for your interior.
  • Your new carpet must be suitable for your interior.
  • An excellent floor highlights the carpet. This is why the rug should not be too large so as not to cover the entire floor.
  • Too small a carpet placed in a large room can give a slightly “poor” impression.

Take your time when choosing a rug, and try to imagine how it will look once it is in place. A photo of the room that will house the Unimat carpet can be useful in choosing a carpet in the right colors that will match the floor and the rest of the layout.