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An Artsy Affair: Decorate Your Goan House With 3 DIY Crafts Ideas Amid Corona Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has brought with us the opportunity to introspect and fill our hearts with gratitude for the things we have. You may also call it a positive side-effect of the deadly coronavirus. 1.3 billion nationals of India are currently under lockdown to curb the spread of the disease. Offices are closed, so are the markets. With lots of time in hand, people are not able to decide how to manage it properly, inviting worried and apprehensions. A positive outlook is, therefore, necessary to combat COVID-19. 

So what are your plans for this quarantine? 

Whether your seaside apartment in Goa needs some revamp therapy or you need some health motivation, quarantine time is providing you with the perfect opportunity to level-up. So just give your procrastinating mind a little rest and start investing your quarantine time in the things that will definitely add value to your life, be it decorating your house or indulging in a new hobby. 

Below-mentioned is the list of 3 Craft Ideas that you can try at home and give it a brand new makeover. Have a look:

         DIY Bottle Lamps 

Do you have a lot of unused glass bottles lying around your house? Well, it’s time to get them all together and create some amazing DIY bottle lamps. You can also run your creative mind free and customize them as per your liking. As soon as you finish decorating them from the outside, wait for an hour or two and let them dry fully. Take multihued fairy light strings and stuff them one by one in each bottle. 

Your DIY bottle lamps are ready to shine. 


If you have always loved art but haven’t had time to invest in it fully, the quarantine period is a blessing (in disguise) for you. So ditch all your fears and insecurities and let colours do their magic, effortlessly. To do so, get a canvas sheet besides watercolours and painting brushes and get started without giving your ill-thoughts enough attention.

Decorate your living room or bedroom with your masterpiece and attract positivity like never before. 

         Origami Designs 

When was the last time you picked up a skill and mastered it? Well, if you haven’t, now is the best time to acquire some new skills like Origami and surprise everyone. All you need are old newspapers or coloured papers along with scissors. You can also watch some really interesting origami videos on YouTube and unite your creative energies to create something totally unique and out-of-the-box. If this seems overwhelming, begin with basic designs such as birds, flowers, animals etc. 

Showcase your designs by placing them on your dining table or study table. 

While boredom is inevitable in times like these, it’s best to indulge in creative activities like the ones mentioned above. This will not only give you the much-needed creative freedom to explore and enjoy new arts and crafts but also give your house a complete makeover. 

In case you have recently purchased a ready-to-move-in home in Goa from The Dynamix Group and you are looking forward to decorating it using DIY crafts, go ahead with our simple and easy ideas and become the wonder homemaker!