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Attracting an Investor to Buy Your House

Are you looking to sell your Southern California house? One of the easiest ways for accomplishing this goal is by attracting an investor to buy your house. When you Google, “find an investor to buy my house,” there will be many real estate companies that buy houses that will pop up. However, not all California companies that buy houses will give you the same, honest deal. Let’s discuss some tricks to attracting an investor to buy your house, and how to decide who is the best option for your needs.

Get on Craigslist

Believe it or not, one of the quickest ways to get cash for your California home is to post your house on Craigslist. Craigslist may seem like an unconventional way to attract California companies that buy houses. However, trust us. They’re looking!

If you’re wondering how to find an investor to buy my house, don’t go where everyone else is. Most people listing their Southern California house for sale will go with a real estate website. Here, you will encounter multiple people trying to negotiate you down. On Craigslist, you will come across serious investors who want to move quickly. Therefore, you’re less likely to encounter, “tire kickers.”

In addition, you can push your Craigslist ad to the top of the listings every day. As each day passes where you’re not attracting an investor buy your house, simply delete the ad. Then, repost it with little tweaks. Perhaps add a few more pictures, change up the verbiage in the ad, or consider lowering the price.

Go to Investor Meetups

Sometimes the key to attracting an investor to buy your house is to go to them, rather than having them come to you. Representatives for California companies that buy houses are always at networking and investment gatherings. Many of them are looking for attractive new investments. So, it’s refreshing to hear from a potential seller, rather than another person in a room full of investors.

There are many ways to find these sorts of events. A simple Google search for “Long Beach networking and investment events” will bring up a calendar of future gatherings. You can also join websites like Meetup and Eventbrite. Southern California residents use these apps regularly. They will offer you numerous workshops and networking events you never would have found out about otherwise.

Lastly, check-in with the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. They hold many networking events. Feel free to look over their calendar for a date that fits the timeframe that you would like to sell your California house.

Clean Up the Outdoors

If you are looking into attracting an investor to buy your house, look no further than making your house attractive in the first place. We live in a fast-paced society. So, if you’re house doesn’t capture the eye and imagination of a potential investor right away, they will swipe left.

The easiest way to get people interested in your house is to get their attention before they walk into it. So, be sure your front yard has a lush garden, freshly-painted fence, and the screen door is on its hinges.

Curb appeal is the cover of the book that is in your house. Know you will be judged by its looks, even by investors. So, if you’re Googling, “find an investor to buy my house,” start with investing a little more into your house first.

Put a “For Sale Best Offer” Sign Outside

Attract potential investors at the source. Place a sign outside of your house that you’re looking to put your California house for sale and are willing to accept the best offer. Another way to get this message across is to simplify your sign. Just put “FSBO.”

Believe us; there are millions of people who want to move to southern California. Investors are aware of this fact and are always driving through our neighborhoods in search of their next investment. By putting “FSBO,” you are attracting an investor to buy your house.

The “BO” portion is like putting a Bat-Signal in the sky for an investor. These two letters let any potential buyer know that you’re looking for cash and want to make this transaction quick. Seeing FSBO outside of your house will immediately cause several California companies that buy houses to reach out and make an offer.

Choose a Respectable California Company That Buys Houses

As we mentioned, there are many California companies that buy houses that will circle neighborhoods in search of a steal. While there are some who will make an attractive offer, others will put a heavy emphasis on the whole “steal” thing.

At the end of the day, attracting an investor to buy your house means you are open to discussing business with a company. Just as you are trying to make money, so are these businesses.

Therefore, some California companies that buy houses will try to take advantage of sensitive situations. At times, they may attempt to present you with a lowball offer or stronghold you down to a lower dollar amount. That’s why you need to partner with a company you can trust, such as We Get Properties.

Sell Your California House to We Get Properties

At We Get Properties, our team isn’t out looking for “steals.” We are looking for properties that California residents want to sell quickly. There’s a difference! Unlike private investors who might try to nitpick over little details, we purchase your house as-is.

When we say “as-is,” that includes the messy exterior, holes in the walls, and the broken windows. If you’re someone interested in attracting an investor to buy your house, you’re probably not looking to drop more money on the property. You’re looking to drop the property. At We Get Properties, we get that. That’s why we pay you for your house in cash and close within 27 days.

Our team wants to see you flourish. They, too, are California residents. That’s why we offer you the most competitive prices out of all the California companies that buy houses. We believe that investing in your property with a fair pay-out is an investment in our California community.

If you want to attract an investor, we are interested. Give us a call today to discuss your options for selling your California home fast.