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Berkey Water Filter Systems

Water filter systems are important for a number of reasons and need to meet a certain standard before they are considered worthy to be used over and over again. Not only should they be easy to install but they should also be able to last you a significant amount of time without having to spend a lot of money getting new filters every time. You also don’t have to worry about filter change as that should be made very easy as well.

Berkey water filtration system is a good wag to get into the water filtration world and they last a long time while serving you the best purpose as well. Manufacturers of this brand usually recommend that it gets changed per 3000 gallons and in a situation where you make use of 2 filter system, you can change them every 6000 gallons due to the fact each system filters about half the water going through the system and increases the amount of water it can take.

People using as much as 4 filters would need to change them per 12,000 gallons and the use of a Royal Berkey system which carries about 3 gallons would require you changing it as much as 4,000  times which is quite a lot for any activity you want to carry out with clean water.

Berkey water filters can last you a long time and have been tested and trusted by a lot of people using water filters and those who haven’t but have seen it in action. There are things that can be done in extending the lifespan of a Black Berkey filter. Although it is a water filter, it lasts a lot longer when you filter out tape water but if you use it in filtering out a pond or cream water, you need to take an extra measure to ensure it lasts a long time such as using a cloth as a pre-filter.

All you have to do is put the cloth over the top chamber as you fill it up and this would filter out about all the bigger water contaminants such as mud or algae and so much more. This leaves your Berkey water filter to remove the smaller microparasites you can’t see but are still harmful to the body regardless.

What Can It Remove?

Berkey water filter can remove a lot of pathogens and bacteria from the water and they can filter water from ponds, streams, creeks, and taps. They come in different sizes which gives you a lot of solid options for you and your purpose.

If you need something at home, you can get one on your countertop and if you would prefer something you can go hiking, camping or a run with, there are water bottle options which all serve their purposes. There are a lot of ways to purify water when in an open environment but nothing beats doing it the proper way.

These water bottles from Berkey can be used in cases of emergency such as flooding or a hurricane etc. No matter the situation a person finds themselves in, they would require water to survive and clean water is the only option for preventing sicknesses and diseases which can in some cases be fatal.

Caring for your Berkey Water filter system is not a complicated task as once you see the flor rate decreasing through the filters, all you have to do is clean these filters with running water and a brute pad. By doing this, most of the particles outside of the filter would go off but you should know that you can not be able to clean the inside of this filter and if it has served its purpose and you feel the growth rate decreasing, you need to change the filter cartridge to a much newer one.  This means they have a lot of particles in them and they need to go.



Berkey water filter systems offer you the chance of eliminating contaminants in your water and being able to use it for a number of reasons including drinking. They are significantly affordable and offer a quick delivery anywhere you are. Why not visit us at for more.