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Best flooring options for a commercial space

The right commercial design and flooring can help to bring about a huge difference in your office. Whenever you are choosing flooring designs for your commercial space, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors such as maintenance, traffic, budget and design. It is necessary to know that there is a huge difference between residential and commercial space. Therefore, based on that flooring options should be chosen.


When it is about the commercial space, the floor should not only be aesthetically pleasing but usable as well. Hardwood may not be the right choice for your commercial space. While a lot of businesses still implement it, you should prefer avoiding it. Your flooring should be matching with your interior decor for it is this that will help to bring out the right look.

Some of the prominent options for your commercial space flooring include the following


If you want to keep your business space away from the risk of noises, carpet would be the right choice to make. Moreover, if you want a more comfortable touch on your feet throughout the day, carpets can be extremely beneficial. Also, carpets are very budget and maintenance friendly. Simple cleaning, dusting and vacuuming daily can help to keep the carpet stain-free and enhance the visual appeal.


Hardwood floors are efficient and easy to maintain. You can choose from various options for your hardwood flooring such as red rich oak, and bamboo. Not only are these visually appealing but environmentally helpful as well. Hardwood can help to add a classic touch but then it can be easily damaged by moistures and scratches. It is necessary to take proper care of hardwood floor or it can be permanently damaged.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and visually pleasing. You need to check the PEI chart before the installation of ceramic tiles on the commercial space because traffic is an important factor to consider. Ceramic tiles too are prone to stains and scratches but proper care can help to prevent these.

Natural Stone

Not a lot of people prefer installing natural stone to their commercial space because they aren’t visually appealing. Nonetheless, it is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic. However, if you are installing natural stone, you need to check with the interior decor of your commercial space. Regular maintenance is a must when installing the natural stone in your commercial space.

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