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Choosing the Right Natural Stone Countertop For Your Kitchen

With an overabundance of countertop choices on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your favorite options. If you’re looking for an alternative that invites beauty and unique characteristics into your home, you may want to consider the following natural stone options.


Granite countertops may be the most popular option for homeowners looking to upgrade the look in their kitchen. Not only does granite look beautiful, it’s durable, and when sealed properly, granite lasts years without stains or imperfections. There are over 3,000 varieties of granite, which means you can find the exact color and style that works in your kitchen. Granite comes in many colors, from almost pure black to various gray shades to blues and greens.


Marble is the most luxurious option of natural stone. With the unmatched beauty of the light gray veining against the smooth white stone, marble fits into a variety of interior design styles. The care for marble countertops is the most time-consuming. Marble has a tendency to stain and scratch easily without proper sealing and you may find it necessary for countertop repair Manhattan NY. If marble is the exact upscale look you want in your kitchen, the extra attention to care may not pose a problem.


Soapstone is a naturally dark gray stone surface used in kitchens with a historic or antique interior design style. While it can get scratched, the scratches add to the character of the stone and deep scratches can be sanded out. Caring for your soapstone counter is as easy as rubbing in mineral oil regularly to keep your counter functioning well. While the color of soapstone doesn’t make this option unique, each mark and scratch that adds to the patina will keep a record of your family story through the years.

When choosing your favorite countertop look, pay attention to the style as well as the care time to pick the right counter for your kitchen.