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Clearabee is Creating a Greener World

What Rubbish Does to our World

It seems like the whole world has recently become aware of the very real rubbish problem that we have. This is a problem that has huge effects on our life and our planet. If we were to go back just a few hundred years, we would find that people only used biodegrade and recyclable resources. It wasn’t because people were environmentalist, but it was because people only used material that came from natural resources. With the invention of plastic came a whole new revolution when it came to ease of use and single use products. All that a person had to do was wrap something in plastic, and it seemed like their problems were solved. Now, plastic has become a global epidemic. Since plastic and other rubbish does not biodegrade, it is up to us to find workable solutions in order to create a world with less rubbish. Apart from just plastics, we have to take action in order to lower our carbon footprint. One way that we are able to support a more green earth is by supporting companies that practice ethical standards.

Learn About Clearabee

Clearabee is the UK’s largest national waste management company. This company was founded with just 500 Euro by Rob Lipton and Daniel Long. These two had the desire to create a rubbish removal London company that was environmentally friendly. Clearabee has more than 100 vehicles in its fleet, and they are able to come out and clear away rubbish on a commercial level, and they are also able to come out on a same day basis to Clearabee customers. Apart from that, Clearabee offers skip bag and skip hire services. Clearabee is the only rubbish removal London company that uses its own vehicles only when it comes to its services. In 2018, Clearabee was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Ireland, and in that same year, it was named the largest clearance company in the UK. It 2019, Clearabee reached the milestone of having 300 staff members, and in that same year, the company launched its skip hire service.

A Rubbish Removal London company that cares about a Greener World

Clearabee is dedicated to lowering its carbon footprint and also creating a greener world. Clearabee began to make vehicles with bespoke aluminum chassis. With the more light weight, the vehicles are reducing their Co2 output. Apart from lowering its carbon output, this rubbish removal London company also planted 19, 674 trees in order to neutralize the carbon output that it has put into the planet. This forest was created by Clearabee and it covers 10 acres. The forest serves as a wildlife preserve, it helps to mitigate flooding, and it offsets 1,886 tones of Co2. Clearabee’s offices are run by renewable energy, and all of their driving routes are optimized in order for drivers to drive in a way that is more environmentally friendly. Lastly, Clearabee used more than 600 recycling locations in order to reduce the mileage of their drivers and also divert trash from landfills.