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Considerations When Deciding Whether to Drink Bottled Water Home Improvement

Access to clean tap water is quite common in the United States. Those who live in cities or even close by are able to drink clean water right from the tap.

Even those who live in rural areas are able to provide safe drinking water by installing a private water system, which often calls for drilling a well Tampa.

Despite this access to cheap drinking water, whether paid for by taxes or by having a water system installed, millions of Americans chose to drink manufactured bottled water.

Many feel a sense of security by drinking bottled water. Mass marketing often plays a role in this. Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which uses the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tap water standards as a basis for its rules.

Although many people feel safer drinking bottled water than drinking tap water, there are still some considerations to keep in mind when considering this option.

Rather than choosing a type of bottled water because you saw an attractive TV ad or a social media campaign that sold this water as the only logical choice, do some research about the producer of the water you choose.

Although manufacturers of bottled water are regulated by the FDA, as mentioned above. there have been outbreaks reported in connection with this type of water. Although these outbreaks are rare, looking into the processing practices of the manufacturer of the bottled water you would like to try will give you a sense of peace.

Whatever type of water you decide to drink, whether it’s tap water, well water, knowing that doing so will not make you sick is important. Although this is a decision many seem to make without much thought, selecting drinking water that is not clean, can lead to either temporary or long-term illness.