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Coworking: Discover The Main Benefits Of A Shared Office

In addition to reducing costs compared to the traditional office, the possibility of interacting with other professionals is also one of the great attractions of coworking. Below is a list of these and other advantages of this work environment.

Collaboration and Networking

Coworking is a working model that allows sharing experiences, collaboration, and networking. The integrated and relaxed environment is ideal for exchanging ideas and drives innovation and business generation, establishing a sense of community. From the interaction between professionals of different profiles, solutions to problems common to all are born and successful partnerships. For example, if a lawyer decides to switch from a home office to a coworking one, he is sure to find many potential clients in his workplace, as colleagues will need legal support for their companies at some point.

Motivation And Creativity

Coworking combines light and dynamic routines. The spaces are almost playful, with colors, details, and furniture that favor creativity. Lounges and decompression rooms encourage harmonious coexistence between one job and another. Everything is designed to create an atmosphere of motivation and productivity, which contrasts sharply with the monotony and procrastination that a professional may face in the home office.

Reduction Of Bureaucracy And Costs

A coworking space such as 620 North LaSalle Office Space is estimated to save 85% in monthly expenses compared to an individual office. With this number alone, we can already see the impact that this option has on the cash flow of a small business or a self-employed professional. Sharing common resources such as internet, electricity, water, telephony, cleaning, and office supplies is a smart way to optimize expenses and free up funds to be allocated to actions capable of boosting business growth. In addition to financial savings, the professional saves time and headaches by opting for a coworking space. There is no bureaucracy to install in these spaces; hire the workstation, take your computer and start producing.

Business Address

An office’s fixed address and structure contribute to a more solid professional image. Having an appropriate place to receive customers and partners reinforces the maturity and credibility of the business. Generally, coworking is strategically positioned in areas of easy access and significant movement of people, facilitating displacement and visibility. As for the internal space, they offer the necessary structure for holding meetings, training, and events.

More Focus

A global coworking survey found that 68% of coworkers improved their focus with coworking, and 64% reduced procrastination. Despite the relaxation characteristic of these spaces, coworking contributes to increased productivity by freeing professionals from more operational tasks and leaving them free to perform more strategic activities.

Coworking In Practice

Now that you know the benefits of a shared office, you must wonder what to do to adopt this new work style. Visit the spaces such as large offices for rent in Chicago available in your region and compare the advantages offered. Choosing a coworking space goes beyond analyzing location, costs, and infrastructure. Look for an environment that synergizes with your goals and watch your business take off.