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Decorating Styles for Your Kitchen

If you love to cook (or eat!), you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Have you ever thought about decorating beyond a few cute cup towels here and there? If you’ve considered it but don’t feel like you know how to go about actually doing it, here are a few suggestions for making the hub of the house more stylish and more functional!

1950s Retro Style

The classic look of the 50s, with its rounded appliances and pastel colors, is making a comeback. More manufacturers are creating stoves and refrigerators that take you back to this golden era just by looking at them. Refurbishing older appliances is also gaining popularity, and you can find beautifully redone oven ranges at places like and even Etsy. You can also sometimes find vintage tables and booths at garage sales that will complete the look for your kitchen.

French Country Style

If you like the look of a French farmhouse, simple and rustic yet charming, it’s not difficult to manage. You’ll need to decorate with the exact opposite décor of modern kitchens: wood instead of granite, colorful appliances instead of stainless and the beautiful, sculpted lines of French kitchen furniture. Add a lovely hutch, some butcher blocks and copper pans, and voilá! A French kitchen appears!

Modern Designer Style

If you prefer the sleek lines and minimalist appearance of modern European designer kitchens, then is a great place to look for ideas. Opt for lots of uninterrupted bar space, hidden storage, uncluttered surfaces and a neutral, white or even a stainless color scheme. Poured-concrete countertops are a solid option as are cabinets that don’t need handles—nothing to interrupt the smooth planes and rigorous efficiency of your design.

Hopefully you’ve now got some ideas as to what you do and don’t like. With some paint, furniture and a little imagination, a stylish kitchen can be yours in no time!