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  Different kinds of cabinet material



  • Stainless steel


Stainless steel gives off modern and contemporary vibes. However, they are not as coveted as wood. It is more prevalent in professional workspaces like hotel kitchens. They are high maintenance as its hard to clean off stains and fingerprints but the silver lining is that unlike wood, it doesn’t expand and contract as a result of seasonal change. 


  • Particleboard 


This is one of the newfangled styles of modern times. Particle board is an engineered wood product that is manufactured with an amalgamation of wood chips and synthetic resin. They are combined with an adhesive and joined together to form panels. It’s probably the least durable of all materials. Companies like armoires de cuisine Renovilla use an array of materials like melamine, thermoplastic and polyester.  


  • Hardwood 


As the name suggests, it’s strong and durable. It’s a natural wood product and as such, each piece has a distinct texture and color. This automatically delivers natural variations in the cabinet material which gives it a uniquely historic look. Scratches, stains or dents can be easily mended with sanding and polishing. Regular upkeep and maintenance is crucial in extending its lifespan. 

Hardwood is characteristically used for knobs and doors and not for the cabinet as a whole, owing to the fact that they’re heavy and have extortionate price tags. The innate quality of contracting and expanding will come in the way of functionality as well. 


  • Wood veneer 


Veneer is a very thin and delicate material that is peeled from hardwood. This is in turn glued with other materials to form panels. It’s not used in the primary construction of a cabinet but the final finishing. 



  • Medium density fiberboard 


This is stronger than particleboard and yet weaker than hardwood, making it the perfect choice for someone who’s looking for an in-between option. It is made up of wax, resin and small fibers which are sealed together as a result of high pressure.



  • Plywood 


Plywood is manufactured by laminating fine layers of wood that are sealed together with the aid of heat, glue, and pressure with alternating grains of wood for increased stability. Plywood and medium density fiberboard are popularly used in kitchen cabinets that are sold on Ikea. They are sturdy, robust, and durable. Cabinet grade plywood is known to have a smooth finish and good quality lamination with double the number of plies.