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Discovering Your Different Options for Walls Tiles

Ceramic is a useful material that can be used for covering floors and walls, as well as decorating stairs. These days, there are various kinds of tiles available. They may differ in terms of design, composition, performance, texture, and thickness. Thus, when you pick a Club Ceramic wall tiles for your house, you could make mistakes. Discover the various kinds of wall tiles for sale out there and which one to choose for your home:

Wall Tiles vs Floor Tiles

Wall tiles are made to be light and thin for ease of installation. Also, they can feature more decorative patterns and detailed textures. On the other hand, floor tiles are sturdier and thicker since they must withstand foot traffic. Usually, they do not have plenty of detailed textures. 

Because wall tiles can be thin, they cannot be used for flooring. But some types of floor tiles can be used for your walls, depending on their weight, size, and the instructions of the manufacturer. Consult with a tile expert before you install floor tiles on your walls. Many factors must be considered to determine how flooring tiles work as wall treatments. 

Kinds of Wall Tiles

Some of the most common types of wall tiles include ceramic, real stone, and porcelain. These types have distinct differences and one kind of tile may be a more suitable option for your space than others.

  • Ceramic tiles. These tiles are composed of a water and clay mixture, shaped into tiles before being dried and fired at a high temperature. A lot of ceramic tiles are glazed, making them waterproof. But unglazed tiles provide a more natural appearance that some people prefer. Unglazed ceramic tiles are water-resistant but not waterproof. 
  • Porcelain tiles. These are more durable and denser than ceramic tiles. Just like ceramic, they are made by mixing water and clay. Usually, the clay is composed of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz, making it denser than ceramic clay. 
  • Natural stone. This type of tile features a luxurious look that makes it an ideal option for kitchens and bathrooms. They come in sophisticated colour variations and patterns. Natural stone tiles include granite, travertine, and limestone. They are expensive and require more maintenance than porcelain and ceramic tiles. Regular sealing and resurfacing are important for natural stone tiles to retain their beauty and functionality. 

Tiles are a wall treatment option that provides you with many choices. You can choose the specific material, size, colour, finish, pattern, and shape that fits the look you want to achieve. Wall tiles work in any room without a problem, including bathrooms and kitchens.