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DIY fish tank coffee tables

A fish tank coffee table is also known by different name like aquarium coffee table and fish tank dining table. Recently people used fish tank coffee table for their living rooms because it enhances the living space by giving it a natural look. Today we will show you how to make a fish tank coffee table at home for half the price of buying a new one from the store.

Fish table also has numerous health benefits. When you sitting down with your coffee and having conversation with your family members, mean while beautiful fishes swim around and make you relaxed and stress free with their vibrancy.

Most of the people when visit the market for buying a coffee table and see the price tag they come back to home without buying it. Well there is the good news for them that they can make their own fish tank coffee table at home for a low price.

Here are the DIY fish tank coffee tables

Gather Supplies

For making your own fish table you will have to gather supplies describe below:

22 gallon long tank

26 fluorescent fixture(2)

Foam board (black)

Power strip

Light timer

1 chair end caps (2) (4 pack)

36 * 14 wire shelving unit

Glass table top

100 watt heater

20 G Internal filter

2 prong, 3 way power splitter

Glass vase marbles / beads – 12 oz (10)

10 Gallon alternate parts

23*14 shelving unit

10 gallon standard tank

18 fluorescent fixture

½ chair end caps

50 watt heater

10 G filter

Tools Needed:


Zip ties

Bolt cutter

Once you have all of the parts mentioned above please visit to get instructions on how to make your own fish tank coffee table at your home.

Why fish tank coffee tables are so popular?

In this hectic and busy life we are getting far away from the nature and making ourselves mentally ill, during these times nature plays a crucial role in relaxing us mentally and physically. Old people’s sayings are correct, men is the cause of killing the nature. We people are giving priority to the luxury instead of nature that is why we are suffering mental illnesses. Once people understood how important nature is they started incorporating nature into their homes.

Fish tank coffee table not only looks beautiful in your living area but also it relaxes you. Spectacular fish’s vibrancy heals your mind and soul. You can make your small and big fish tank coffee tables according to your budget. If you turn your dining table into a fish tank table you will enjoy every meal you have on the table.

Men consumes coffee more than females, when they come back to home, and drink their coffee, place on the fish tank coffee table they get relaxed and forget all the work stress they have faced in their works. Fish tank coffee tables like by everyone whether it’s female, male or kids. Fish tank coffee table fascinating all age’s people.