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Do Your Research to Find the Best orbital sander – Considerable Factors

For a professional woodworker, an orbital sander is not a new tool as they usually use it in woodworking projects. But if you are apart-time woodworker, you might not be aware of this exceptional tool. Orbital Sander or Random Orbital Sander is a stunning tool used in woodworking to smoothen the uneven surfaces on wood. It’s quite helpful in projects where you need to attain fine and even finish of wood surfaces.

So, it’s considered as the most powerful and useful tool in any woodworking project. But truth be told, choosing the best orbital sander is the most complicated task, as because there are several brands available out there with different promises. You need to carefully do your research to find the best tools for sanding. Below you will come across some factors that you need to keep in mind while searching for a sanding tool for your project.

Design and Build Quality

Orbital Sander is the expensive woodworking tool and hence you need to look for an advanced model that comes with the rugged build quality. During your woodworking project, it may drop from hand accidentally, and hence it needs to have the tough and solid build quality to withstand the impacts that the environment has to offer.

Moreover, the best orbital sander is the one that is ergonomically designed and meets user’s need. If you choose any ill-designed model, you will not enjoy working with the sander. So, ensure that the design is user-friendly and the machine is easy to handle.

Dust Extraction Power

During the sanding process, lots of dust are produced from the workpiece and it’s common in all woodworking projects. But, the operator of the sander may be at a higher risk of breathing-in those dust into their lungs. These particles of wood dust can be harmful to their lungs and body. So, you must always prefer buying the Orbital Sander that comes with an excellent dust extraction system. This will ensure that the dust produced from the workplace is extracted by the machine itself to prevent the operator from breathing it in.

Power Supply

Orbital Sander comes with a powerful motor. Based on its power consumption capacity, it can sand the workpiece faster and rapidly. The sander with a powerful motor usually consumes a higher amount of electricity or power. This leads to higher utility bills at the end of the month. So, you must always settle with the sander that’s suitable for your woodworking needs and also avoid buying sander with heavy motors if you don’t need it for your woodwork projects. You can check the power ratings of the sander in Amp and most of the sanders range from 2.5 Amp to 3.3 Amp. The more Amps it has, the more power it consumes.


Warranty of the Orbital Sander is the last, but an essential factor to check. Ensure that the sander is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most of the sanders usually come with a warranty for 1-3 years. Look for the Orbital Sander that comes with 3 years of warranty and ensure that every part and motor is covered under the warranty.