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Floor Mats In Various Designs

A tapetes para negocio welcomes guests not only in a playful way but also leaves dirt in front of the apartment door. Especially in winter, the shoes are dirty and wet. Once on the doormat and you can enter the apartment with clean shoes.

 Simply plain or colorful motives? Made from natural coconut fibers or easy-care artificial fibers? For inside or outside? There is a wide selection of floor mats so that the right mat can be found for each door.

Doormats Made Of Coconut

Natural materials are particularly popular with tapetes de caucho. The natural material coconut has two decisive advantages: compostability and naturally coarse fibers. The bristled surface is ideal for cleaning the shoes and also removes fine dirt in the profile of the shoes. Due to the constant friction, the doormat loses coconut fibers over time, which is not a problem because the mat can be fully composted. That protects the environment.

Coconut floor mats are available in several designs. A funny motive makes a good mood when entering the apartment and welcomes the guests in a very cordial manner. Also, the color is freely selectable, and classic beige.

Plastic Floor Mats

In front of the apartments and houses, not only doormats made of coconut, but also more and more robust mats made of plastic. These floor mats are especially suitable for outdoor use. The durable doormat is weather-resistant and does not decompose even during continuous rain. Since plastic absorbs paint very well, there are the mats in many different colors.

The tapetes de hule is rectangular and is made in a specific size. The size is adapted to the dimensions of the common entrance doors. However, there is also one or the other doormat that deviates from its standard size. Depending on the use in or in front of the apartment, it also offers a longer doormat for parking the shoes.