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Get A New Look With Some Different Types of Balcony Designs

Your home is a part of your identity and can affect your life in many ways. Surroundings make up a huge part of your mood. The interior design of a home is an important but overlooked aspect of a home. These days a room is designed or made not only to fulfil its utility aspect but to also make it look presentable and aesthetic. With the growing cost of living, the standard of living of people has also increased

A balcony is an enclosed projection from a building it is usually on a higher floor. But this doesn’t mean that there are no balconies on lower floors a balcony overlooks something and is used to give an aesthetic look or to have a nice view of the outside. It is not uncommon to not have balconies it is in fact regarded as a luxury these days.

Balconies are something that increases the value of a property and are not available in every property. A cute balcony design is an important aspect now and it is not just put for the sake of having a balcony. It is important to pay attention to the design of the balcony as well.

Types of balcony design:

The balcony design has evolved over time. Balconies used to be something that was only found in the houses of the rich but it is now commonly found in most apartments and houses. A balcony has different designs these days. Before balconies used to be made of cement and brick and were located in palatial homes but now there are different types of balconies. This article talks about some of the different types of balconies-

  • These days you can find balconies that are enclosed in glass. The wall enclosure part of balconies is made up of glass. This gives a very modern and sleek look to the balcony. They are also less expensive as you don’t have to spend on cement and bricks to construct such a balcony. It also maximum allows light to enter and doesn’t restrict any light. It can also work in a way where it opens up the space.
  • Balcony can be simple and elegant. Most of the time they are decorated very minimally and are made in such a way so as to serve their purpose which is to give a view.
  • You can make your balcony into an outdoor bar and have a drinks cabinet in the balcony. It can become an excellent venue when you have a party and you can take the party outside after you are done. Having drinks at the balcony can sound like a bad idea but it can be great fun if you are careful about it.
  • Balcony is also used for storage and can be ideal to keep stuff away from your house. A lot of people use it for storage and make cupboards and cabinets in their balcony to make storage easier.
  • Balcony design has also evolved to become more aesthetic. Balconies are now made to match the interiors of the home. They can be made more colourful and vibrant by adding paint of just by adding some colouful pots or plants
  • Balcony design can also be done in a way to make it look like a garden by adding many flowers and plants. You can also go a step ahead by adding grass to the floor of the balcony. Decorating your balcony with flowers and potted plants is a sure way of converting your balcony into your personal outdoor garden.Pack your balcony with planters filled with lush plants to create the feel of that backyard you’ve always wanted. Adding some faux grass can complete the garden look. It is very calm and relaxing. Adding some herbs can make it smell nice and useful. Flowers like roses can also be used to add a sweet floral scent to your space. You can play around with the types of plants. Each type can really transform the entire look of the space
  • Balcony design can be done to make it a more social place by adding chairs and a coffee table. This is a perfect spot to have friends over and to sit and chat. This makes it more fun and lively and can improve the feel of your home.
  • You can also decorate your balcony by adding lights and making it look fancy. Adding lights like fairy lights or string lights can really transform a space. You can also add lamps or other decorative lights to brighten up your balcony space.

Your balcony can be designed in various ways that represents you. It is not necessary to commit to one type of style or vibe. You are your own architect. You can experiment; pick and choose different ideas to design a balcony of your liking that best suits you.