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Highlights On Security In Attics

Living in an attic is a dream for many people. Some many buyers and tenants want to take advantage of all its benefits. Among them, higher luminosity and privacy, less noise without giving up living in the centre of the city, or the possibility of having a terrace where you can enjoy the views and good weather stand out.

However, living in an attic also has some drawbacks. To begin with, these homes require more investment in air conditioning and maintenanceā€”also, insecurity. Attics are more vulnerable to theft. That is something that we must take into account when choosing the most appropriate security devices and elements for this type of house.

In this article, we tell you how to avoid theft in attics, and we explain what type of alarms can be more interesting in this type of home.

Why Are Attics More Vulnerable To Theft?

One of the issues that most concerns penthouse owners are safety. The reason is that thieves and intruders can access them more quickly than other types of homes. Sometimes, they can do this by jumping around the houses or adjoining rooftops, and even by hanging from the roof of the building.

In this situation, intruders’ actions can go unnoticed, since they are not carried out at the foot of the street or in common areas such as patios or garages so that thieves can act more calmly.

All these dangers increase if the attic has a terrace with doors and windows with direct access to the house, something that, on the other hand, is usually common.


Security Elements For Attics

The penthouses are the target of thieves. Usually, these houses are located on highly urbanized streets, especially in the most central and fashionable neighbourhoods of large cities. In turn, in these areas, the farms are very close to each other.

To improve security and prevent theft in attics, it is essential to protect the areas most prone to intrusion, especially the terrace, windows, and doors.

One of the tips to enhance security in attics is to install fixed bars on windows and flexible bars on swing doors. The windows should be reinforced (double glass). The blinds are self-locking to be able to ventilate and illuminate the interior of the room without having to open the window. Thanks to this type of shades, you will be safe from prying eyes while effectively reducing the risk of theft.

In the attics with terrace, it is also advisable to install security doors. This does not mean that you lose light or that you have to adopt an aesthetic that does not suit your tastes. We advise you to install doors with safety glass (if they are glazed) and with reinforced frames that cannot be bent with a lever. You can also buy and install intercom systems Chicago in other to update your home security.