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Real Estate

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business

As a real estate business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate to manage. Not only are you working on finding listings, scheduling viewings, networking, meeting with clients, marketing, and strategy, but you’re also the bookkeeper, the receptionist, the manager, and the customer service representative. You can focus on the bigger picture items by bringing in a virtual assistant who can help you by taking on the smaller administrative tasks to allow you and your team to focus on building and growing your business. VAs are remote, contract workers who can jump-in and cover the time-consuming parts of your business, so you and your team can focus on delivering value to you customers.

Delegate Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks

Oftentimes, when we have small businesses, the administrative tasks like scheduling, creating and maintaining business spreadsheets, filling-out forms for clients, and answering emails and making phone calls, get left behind because you’re focusing on other things. A VA can take these tasks over for you. They can do anything from monitoring your inbox and responding to customers, to creating and maintaining reports and budgets, to working directly with mortgage companies on your behalf. The best thing is that they’re flexible – you’re not bringing on an employee and having to onboard them. Most VAs have experience in your typical office software and email clients, and can jump in without much training.

Specialized Expertise

Many virtual assistants have experience and training to provide you with services beyond the typical administrative tasks. There are virtual assistants that specialize in social media marketing and strategy, graphic design, project management, and vendor management. If there is an area of your business that you could use additional help with, like marketing or analytics, you can find a VA that has that specialized experience and can take that over for you.

Content marketing is a big area where a lot of VAs have experience. If you have a website or a blog, a the right VA can manage your content creation by hiring freelancers, format and schedule posts, and promoting them across your social media channels. If you don’t have a website or blog, some VAs are also experienced in web development and can create and maintain your website for you.

Scale and Grow Your Business

Virtual assistants can provide a number of services to help you grow and scale your business. By taking on the time consuming tasks that often bog up your days or get neglected altogether, you’re free to focus on working with clients, providing them with the best value you can, and bringing your business to the next level. The opportunities to grow your business with a VA are endless, especially when you start thinking about what they can bring to your business outside of just the small administrative tasks by leveraging their additional expertise. VAs are a great resource that you can tap into to make your day-to-day tasks more manageable, and keep your real estate business moving forward.