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How Strong Do Toilet Seats Have to Be

If you have ever had to buy or replace your toilet seat, the thought of how strong it had to be may have come across your mind. It seems a strange thought being as most homeowners never bother to check the integrity of these seats. It is, however, vital to note that note all toilet seats are the same. Sure, they all perform the same function. However, all of them cannot handle the same weight.

You must also note that different people have different weights. Consequently, there are toilet seats that are designed specifically for heavy people. An average toilet seat can hold about 300 lbs. easily. But what if you have a friend or family over who weighs more and wants to use the toilet? The chances are that it will crack or break down under pressure. The b&q toilet seat is made from heavy-duty materials to accommodate heavier weights. You can have these installed in your home to cater to everyone in your home.

1. How Much Weight A Toilet Seat Can Hold

Yes! Toilet seats have a weight limit though you hardly ever see it mentioned by the manufacturers. This is likely because most of the modern toilet seats are made from hardened materials to cater to every persons’ weight. B&Q toilet seat has heavy-duty seats that are very popular for such situations.

  1. Features of Large Toilets and Toilet Seats

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a strong toilet seat. Below are some guidelines of what to think about before buying your toilet seat.

3. Weight Capacity

Very few customers consider the weight capacity of toilet seats. That is why manufacturers never specify the maximum weight toilet seats can handle. Most seats couldn’t handle weights exceeding 300 lbs. without deflecting or cracking.

  1. Construction

The type and quality of hinges used to hold your toilet seat also matters. You must consider the type of bolts used and ensure that they don’t fail upon intense pressure. Seats made from high-grade plastic or stainless-steel are best. They don’t fail with ease.

5. Stability

Most standard toilets are stable enough to carry an average-weight person. As such, most manufacturers fail to consider the weight of heavy people on most occasions. This limits the people who can use the toilets. Also avoid setting up the toilet in an awkward position.

6. Cost

Toilets of obese and heavy people are usually more expensive compared to standard toilets. Their prices can be up to two times or even more that of standard toilets. This is due to the extra investment that’s paid for the additional inputs for such toilets.

Bottom line

Although few toilet seats can handle excess pressure, there are still other attributes to consider before making any purchase. Click here and learn about the strongest toilet seats for users of every weight.